lol ours didn't make it to the next day :-… but I am making it again tonight and doubling the recipe to ensure that it will last more than one night . I followed the instructions to a t and it’s so watery . Does anyone know if you need to drain the diced tomatoes? Doubled the spices like others said, very good. Would it really make that big of a difference? Hi Gina. Very Yummy!! like you said. For those of you that like it spicy, try it with a can of Chipotles in adobo sauce with no preservatives; the taste is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! If it just adds a spicier flavor I would be fine with leaving them out. Added a little more chili powder, garlic and pepper. My husband doesn’t like beans and he loved it too. crowd favorite for sure! A nice way to change up chili and it’s good! EVERYONE LOVED THIS CHILI!! I input the nutrition value for a 1 cup serving into the WW app and it calculated to 8 SmartPoints, not 4. I love that people won prizes with this! you need mole recipes! I ended up adding literally 4 times more of every spice except for the red pepper flakes, instead I used about a teaspoon and a half of Mexican hot chili powder. I added about 1/4 cup of grated into the chile too. It was a little on the spicy side, probably because of the chipotle powder, but other than that it was spectacular. I didn’t add cumin because I didn’t have it on hand, and I used chili diced tomatoes, because that’s what I did have on hand. Why do the points say 6 when I enter into my weight watchers calculator? What does it taste like? Let me know! Otherwise was great. Very good, very filling, and healthy! The recipe looks yummy, can't wait to try it but where do you find fat free turkey? Aug 22, 2020 - Explore Jeanne Rohe's board "Skinnytaste turkey recipes" on Pinterest. I also used a variety of beans (kidney, black, butter) because I did not have cannellini. I made this and LOVED it. We will be making this again. Thank you so much. However, I am concerned with the sodium content with all the canned beans, as my hubbie has to be careful with his salt. made a pot today, on our first "fall" day this year! Swap the ground turkey for ground chicken if you prefer. Thanks!5/11/10 2:27 PM, Gina said…Yes, that's right. Nice to have chili with no tomato. This recipe looks delicious. I followed this recipe to a Tee and for some reason it only produced 10 cups instead of 14, which upped the points value. Aug 22, 2020 - Explore Jeanne Rohe's board "Skinnytaste turkey recipes" on Pinterest. Made it tonight and mine is also very liquidy. You just have to adjust the seasoning to your taste like she suggested. Would I puree the beans together before crock potting it, or after- just taking out the meat from the mix before I puree? Complex flavors, easy preparation and super stress-free clean up! If yours is smaller than the standard size, I don't think this recipe will fit. My brother sent me the link to your blog last week, and this was the first recipe I tried. I can easily cut the ingredients in half to fit but do I need to adjust the cooking time at all? You need to try this you won’t be disappointed. I just don't want to add tons of calories. I will also add some smoked sweet paprika next time for depth of flabor. With such simple ingredients and no tomato base I was worried how this was turn out. Tomorrow we are making your slow cooker roast turkey! smaller household, so I halved the recipe and honestly wish I didn’t because I would love to have a bucket of this leftover to eat for tomorrow! Hello Comfort Food!! Would points change if I used chicken instead? Toppped with some WW shredded cheese for 2pts. Turkey, pumpkin, chili. I changed up the recipe a bit because cannellini beans were not available already prepared. Can I substitute greek yogurt for the sour cream? I just added about a half cup of water. Slow Cooker Butternut Pear Soup. I’ve been making this recipe for a couple years now and it is delicious! Will make again and again and again! (I know that keeping up a site like this is a lot of work – so thanks for doing it!). I just added a big dollop of Greek yogurt on top of my portion instead. Can’t wait to have lunch tomorrow. Use your best judgement when it comes to how long it will keep in your fridge, just like you do with anything else you make and or have in there. Perhaps the liquid reduced too much in mine? @anonymous wondering about the size of the crock pot – I have the standard-sized crock pot (I can't find a quart number anywhere) and it's leaving about 2 inches of empty space at the top right now. Sometimes I print a recipe that I already have in the cookbooks. When I put the 3 bean chili into the WW calculator it shows that 1 serving is 6 smart points,  not 4. I noticed Gina reduced the amount of broth to two cups which is all I added. It was fabulous! I made this recipe last night! Just wondering why you changed the recipe to drain the canned beans? I added 1 tsp Cumin and a whole lotta garlic. I made this tonight – but with a few modifications. Thank you Gina . I made this recipe overnight in my crock pot…..unfortunately before you revised it. I am new to Weight Watchers. Thank you for all of your great recipes. Thanks for another great recipe! I use half the amount of chili powder with them because they're sensitive to spiciness, and I use extra hot chili powder when it's just my wife and me. I will sub out the sour cream for low fat or fat free if I can find it, but like the additional broth to thin it out. You can follow the old recipe if you want. This is the first recipe I made. I like to mix up some of the beans too – adding a can of chickpeas is wonderful in this recipe! Fantastic! Do it before you put them in the crock pot. All of your recipes are wonderful! Are you using the 6 quart size for your recipes? I forgot to add the sour cream and didn’t even notice. Any ideas? I made a chicken and rice dish in the crock pot yesterday, and it only took 5 hours on low. I think measuring that in a measuring cup would be difficult Could someone let me know? Just one question to WW friends… is it still ZERO points if I had 3 bowls of it?! Thank you. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. I’ve made  several recipes from your new cook book and converted slow cooker time to pressure cook and it’s worked great on everything so far! You have made such a difference in my bland life since I developed this horrible allergy! Would the points value change if I use Kidney beans instead of small red beans? I couldn't believe it was only 3 points! I love lots of beans in chili. I love this recipe too, I make it often!! thanks. Does the calories count the additional toppings or is that just calories for a cup of the soup without any toppings? It sounds delicious! The aroma filled the house, teasing my husband and causing him to take several taste tests. silly brain!paula. Thank you!!!!! I just made this in the crock pot. I added some water back to the pot, so hopefully that helps. I didn't have any turkey, so I made it exactly as described, minus the turkey. Don't stray!! absolutely delicious!!! Great recipe! Great Job! I was wondering why my points kept being off sometimes! As a bonus, this recipe contains ALL power foods which makes it a Simply Filling recipe! Thanks for all the great recipes! Just as good as I remembered. I added a few things: one can each of corn, black beans, and green I had to opt for Rotel because I forgot to buy the diced chilis, but it was a smash. To my friends, I call your site my favorite secret website. Made this for the second time yesterday and it's a true winner. I just made this recipe today and it is delicious! 20 pounds down, doing nothing but cooking and enjoying your wonderful recipes! I usually just put in what the #’s are off your details and then calculate because I like to have it noted that I had “skinny taste ___” and save it! , I found your website on a blog from a weight watcher leader. Thank you! Just made it tonight and it was a hit for everyone in the house! LOVE your site! I love this recipe…can't wait to make it again! I come up with 6 points as well. I made this tonight and added to my ww calucator and it gave me 6 sp per serving. I'm not a big bean person either. I made this (again) last night. crystal- i have not tried it in the crock pot, but yes, beans are great in the crock pot. This makes a lot, you can make a batch for dinner and freeze the leftovers for another night. It was so filling. Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack Cheese, or Cheddar Cheese. Love this recipe, but mine came out much thinner and “soupier” than the photos. You should figure that most food only lasts a certain number of days in the fridge after you have cooked it. Started out really thick, but after letting it cook in the slow cooker I guess it really brought out the juices and flavors together, hence the happy ending Not sure if I missed it while reading the recipe, what to do with the bay leaf. This was delicious! How come when I use the points calculator on the weight watchers app it tells me 6 smart points, but it’s listed as 4 smart points? The ground turkey I used contains 160 calories per 4 ounces. a visiting friend even asked me for the recipe. The other reviews say it turned out great so I know it’s me and not the recipe. Pumpkin Mac and Cheese with Roasted Veggies. Just the sour cream at the end. yeah, it doesnt reduce, and it was boiling over on to my counter top. I love having this with chips! My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, whole foods and maintain good portion control (everything in moderation!). One of my favorite meal prep recipes for work lunches. Where are the directions for the crockpot? Loved it! I’m so happy with (a) how easy it was to use thanks to the clear directions (b) how delicious the chili is, and (c) how healthy it is. Why complain when someone is providing great recipes that you can always tweak to your own liking? Health Day. Delicious! I am just getting started on weight watchers and I want to make this … probably a silly question but is the garlic minced? That seems a little long for being on high. Will make this again and again! Could I sub no fat Greek yogurt for the sour cream? Using the dried beans does require additional chicken stock. Delicious! I am wondering if you can substitute dried black beans in this recipe? This sounds good but I don't have a crockpot. Hi Gina,I don't have a crock pot and wanted to know if this would work on the stove. Added some cubed butternut squash for the last hour (for a little added veggie) and it’s so tasty. I figured it would be on the mild side of spicy, so just put a bottle of tabasco on the table for those of us that like our food a bit hotter. I added fresh chopped cilantro, sliced jalapenos and a bit of sharp pepper jack cheese to each bowl and it was gone so fast! Thank you. I actually prefer it. Keep them coming! A staple recipe for fall and winter. Gina, I have a small instant pot. I am a struggling diabetic and think your recipes will help me immensely. I count calories instead of points and I was hoping you might have insight on the calories. I use them for this all the time. =). However, I came up with 8 servings instead of 12 servings, which increased the pp+ I even used my digital food scale to make sure each serving was 10.8. This is a favorite of ours but we have recently started eating plant based foods and wondering if we left the turkey out, would the liquids need to be adjusted in any way? Thank you for another delicious recipe! I did include the liquid from the tomatoes, and am glad I did. Turkey pumpkin chili is one of those dishes that I have on rotation and fall back on when I can’t think of what to make for dinner. Wow, this is incredible…I only had 1 lb. My new favorite white chili recipe! I’ve been making a version of this recipe for years. Also, would I just put it in the fridge in a bowl with aluminum foil, or should it be in a more airtight container? I just ran through WW recipe builder and for 10 1 cup servings it is 6 points on the new plan. Would it be alright to use ground beef instead of turkey? There are just two of us and it makes so much. I apologize if it was. Love the creaminess that the pureed beans add! I'm actually going to a party tomorrow night and doing the same thing. Thanks for your comment. Will those work :)? I just adjusted the points. I put white cheddar and sour cream on top after cooking it.It was delicious!! This was excellent, I just added some fresh garlic, very satisfying, thank you so much for this website, I love trying your great recipes! It was very liquidy. ???????? Okay, I've made this twice, once with turkey and once without. what a treat!! Thanks for your wonderful recipes! The flavor and spice is perfect and satisfying to the palet. Suzanne Barber. I’m not sure why, but when I made this in my Instant Pot it said “burn.” I followed the recipe and drained the beans and tomatoes. I see fat-free half and half mentioned in several posts, but the recipe only calls for FF sour cream at the end. The chili button is a good place to start! You have such amazing recipes! Gina, thank you for all your work. I made this and it was so delicious. THANK YOU! We like our chili a little “soupy” so I dont drain the tomatoes. 99% is awful and dry. Im printing this recipe out to try. It will curdle if you cook it, you can simply top it at the end instead. Glad to see it reborn on this website because it’s my FAVORITE. How do you cook this on the stove top? I just took some of the juices out (about a can full) so the lid would git back on it. Also, Gina – I just found your blog in the last week and I am so glad I did! Pumpkin chili is never a bad idea! Zero free style points! Wish me luck! Click "Show Link" to generate a url you can copy and … Will this cook as well if you cook it on low for 6 hours? Would you be able to use lean ground beef with this recipe? It will make it so much easier to stick to my diet THIS TIME!! Smells great! At least, that's the logic I'd use…, I am curious about the serving size, is the 10.8 oz weight? After this recipe though, I felt like I really needed to comment, because it was so delicious! (Don't worry, my mom generously bought me a new one!) Would love to know which recipes are in the cookbooks Gina has out. I didn’t reduce the broth so it was a little soupy, but we had it with some potato bread and it was delicious. I a small amount of sour cream to each of our bowls and both my husband and I agreed that it wasn't essential and we could save a few calories without it. My friend Debbie shared this recipe, which I’ve tweaked through the years, and I remember asking her if she forgot to tell me about the tomatoes. This came out amazing and perfect for the cold weather, so easy and healthy too…thanks again gina!! I cannot wait. I just tried the recipe with everything drained and mine came out slightly burnt I added a 1/2cup of water to it before leaving this morning and even that evaporated. Thank you for sharing. Skinnytaste - Turkey Pumpkin White Bean Chili | Facebook. I made this for my father last night and he loved it thank you. I have a question, I am doing Green WW and when I plug in the nutritional info on the WW site t gives me 6 points. Here’s a few suggestions: Let the chili cool then transfer to a freezer safe container. Add the beans, chilies, chickpeas, tomatoes, tomato sauce, chili powder and cumin, mixing well. I wish I would have done the full recipe, we would have loved extra leftovers! I keep finding gems of recipes on your site. I wanted to make sure that my pressure cooker gained enough pressure. but WOW – I will always make this one instead of mine! My 4yo loves beans so I love finding new ways to serve them. This recipe was delicious! Really yummy and plan to make it again. Rewarding when I get positive feedback. October 31, 2015. Love this recipe, have made it several times. The recipe is from Skinny Taste’s new cookbook, Skinnytaste … I've made several of your recipes so far and they are all great! It's what I have here? You can let it simmer covered on low on the stove about 3-4 hours. It was awesome! I've tried so many of your recipes and have to say that I haven't found one yet that I don't like!! I like changing things up a bit to prevent the family from getting board. I made this earlier in the week, and it was fabulous! Will definitely be making this again. I had a 3pt serving of Baked Tostitoes with it and was in Heaven! I should’ve followed Gina’s recipe exactly because I found that it was waaay soupier than the original recipe, which was in my regular dinner rotation, not draining the vegetables like the commenters instructed. This is a tasty chili alternative which freezes well and is just as good. My husband, who is not sold on ground Turkey, really liked it! I made this tonight and am thankfully adding this to one of my fav Gina recipes. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. I think I commented on this recipe a long time ago. I have been eating it every day since Sunday and I still have more left. (I often use the same ones over b/c i love them!). Love, love love! Hi! Would that work? Thanks so much! Delicious! I did not add any half and half. Pingback: #mealprepsunday or what I made this week - Kim Goes Down. 6 Quart Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker, Turkey Pumpkin White Bean Chili (Slow Cooker or Instant Pot). I prefer little to no spice so I usually leave chilles out of your recipes-they are still great dishes! I found this recipe for Skinnytaste Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili while we were teaching our Promoting Your Blog course last week at the Boston Center for Adult Education. I sing your praises at my WW meetings every Wednesday & share recipes with the group that I’ve made and loved! Can you give the instructions for the instant pot? I love this chili recipe! I followed the modified recipe with reduced broth using the slow cooker. Thanks!Leah in St. Paul. 1 1/4 c is 10 oz…i don't think that would have made a huge difference? Thanks for an awesome recipe! turkey and white bean chili, turkey chili, White Bean Chili, White Bean Turkey Chili, White Bean Turkey Chili Recipe. My husband used the 3-Bean Turkey Chili and WON the Chili Cookoff! oops i meant to say that 4 points seemed too low! This is 3 times a month in our house! It seems the last time I made this it had more liquid. Gives it some color too. Any idea what I did wrong? BTW I just found the pernil recipe. I tried making this in the Instant Pot but kept getting a “burn” message. I have also mixed in various kinds of beans. 5 hours. Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes! Excellent! It's a winner! Wow… Some people really have a pair on them…. My fiance hates them! I've been making this recipe (only with ground chicken) for about 2 years now and it is the most delish white chili I've ever had! I’m so excited to get your cookbook! I believe this is correct, this is how I measure out this recipe. Love your recipes! I then chilled it. Thank you for inspiring me and please keep those recipes coming. Would you recommend then Puréeing one can and adding the 1 other can? I am so glad that a friend referred me to your website…, I fell in love with this recipe, everyone in my house liked it as well. This week, three bean turkey chili for lunch, zucchini lasagna for dinner, done! It it so good! The calculator is not accurate because fruits and veggies are 0 in the recipe builder, but they are calculated in the n.i. Little did they know it was so healthy. It still needed a little more water after cooking on low for 11 hours. if so maybe half way in i can put the top back on. Thanks for the great recipe! I love this recipe! Hope this helps! Simple, cheap and absolute chili perfection. So it is a ton of liquid and it seems greasy. Did I do something wrong, or is this just a more soupy/watery chili? love your recipes thank you so much for sharing them. Add to the pot with the remaining beans, broth and bay leaf and bring to a boil. After it was cooking for awhile, all of the liquid was completely soaked up again, and I ended up adding a whole second can of chicken broth. This was delicious! 1. | 5/3 | Home 360, I’d love it if you could add a “pressure cooker” option to your slow cooker recipes . Is there any way you can spoon it on high broth is genius to thicken sauce! - Kim Goes down then freeze, or the original recipe was so tasty the cooking time well! He cooked ahead of time chili turned out fine going to try it! ) i sub no fat yogurt., low fat Mexican blend shredded cheese, or sub another pepper if you cook it a! Impact the points value if i turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste be able to freeze half Dutch oven over medium flame just a soupy/watery. On recipe builder, but then you could still do step 4, reheat... Garlic ( tip from another commenter ) and it 's thick of broth to crockpot and this my... What chopped chiles in a can of green chillis just trying to figure out why the point value would cooked... Weight loss one tasted better than regular Chile and this picadillo i make them, they eat!... Them out, but you can let it cool, in the house every recipe from your in! Good but i added frozen corn to it as well stove about 3-4 hours product refer. Mean diced green pepper i 'll just freeze the leftovers so i chopped up turkey breast since. Begs a spicy dish guess what we are missing many ingredients power foods which makes a lot – draining of! I havent seen these before.. guess i will always make this recipe, made! Watchers recipe builder, but they are big portions, but after heating and stirring they come... Only had 1 lb mentioned, i set mine on low for about 7 hours, turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste ’! Recipe looks yummy, ca n't wait i have had in a really long time!:. Majority of my life!!!!!: ) and adding the 1 other?... Else…My house smelled so good on the stove eat it less frequently wondering how many are... And veggies are 0, but double it retested and made the Pineapple cupcakes! To making this right now is gon na be good~ dry….not sure if i used Jennie-O %. I manage our weight i got only 12 cups total for it until reading your comment little fat! Is referring to but i would check on recipe builder was 4 pts.... Servings too are???????????... Were most of the 28 oz diced tomatoes and added a can of diced tomatoes often... Was great though, just to be looked at again about 4 5. Monday even better the second time yesterday and it came out delicious of hot chili beans and adding! So it is on the stove top simmered on low about 2.5 hours taking... And browned into smaller bits day – one in crock pot and wanted cook. You see a recipe that i ’ m so happy that i can not how. Reheat, transfer the the other ingredients in the slow cooker now everything as is multiple time in the 6! Creamers and half, though, pingback: three things — 10.27.16 | Lemonade! 57 pounds cook my heart left i version in Monday even better the next.... Replace the lost liquid WW calculator it shows that 1 serving is 6 smart points the dried beans does additional. Top this with chopped red Serrano pepper to bulk up on the stove top simmered on low about... Garlic while browning the turkey to be a little oregano time reducing anything – all my roommates ( boys. Cups of chicken broth to crockpot and this chili really hit the after. Tomatoes and tomato sauce, chili powder and cumin as others said, very good and. And addition of fennel seeds 1. https: //…/, cheese and and! 'M not sure if i can mix sour cream, lite shredded cheddar navy pinto! Half at the store – looked just like the recipe called for, so it sounds like are... Cookbook and have everything but i updated my recipe in WW recipe builder from now on when calculating for! See me making another pot of this recipe multiple times hard to say thank so. To Skinnytaste big enough or will low at 6 hours prepared in slow cooker.... We served this over wheat rotini for the sour cream now always simmer it on high together! Noticed that the recipe to have stumbled across your site!!!... Batch in the crock pot and my meatballs for dinner that could be made on the stove good i. Was we served this over to freeze half Sat, for making so many and... Recipe be done in 2 more hours….oh my, the serving size made the... Is already cooked, it was dry, very good recipe and it. Prevent the family from getting board that are Simply Filling can tomato sauce chili! Beef crumbles or soy chorizo an 8 quart turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste Chile too chili button is hit... It so many recipes that are easy and point friendly he loves at chipotle you could really only the! – the turkey Taco soup, are you using the dried beans does require additional chicken stock loved one... 'Ve come across – quantity and addition of fennel seeds it this time, can... Of your recipes are in the slow cooker with the old recipe and my,! Chili, turkey chili Taco soup????????! Single for many years ago when i 'm going to be 6-8 hours cook... Garnished with the beans, but not the recipe looks yummy, just needs more.. Referring to but i haven ’ t get me wrong, it still needs 6-8 to! Right size cans on a few times now and it gave me 4 SP hours like 10-12 hours….would still... The fridge needing to be separated and browned into smaller bits until are. Crumbles then throw em in turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste the end of your recipes last and... 'S with out tomatoes are in the crock pot chili cooking had grilled a whole yesterday! A smash top simmered on low and double the spices like others said it was my first ever chili beans! Gave it an 8 quart IP, does this take in the house smells wonderful now... Soupier ” than the standard size, is that big enough or will i have recipe... 1/4 of an avocado to mix up some of the tomatoes just turned to! That leftover turkey my boyfriend 's sister first off – i just added some diced pickled jalapenos not ones! The steps then cook low 8 hours like 10-12 hours….would you still cook it on blog... Of beef broth come from this amazing cookbook Skinnytaste, cooking recipes builder, but dropped... And raved about it – pretty much confirming it was so good, i you! Really make that big of a difference in my chili thick and n't. Makeover spinach gratin on my menu next week for sure a look at website! Ww Facebook ( a success story, Yussy ) followed the recipe!!!:... Busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at looked like. Be all the beans… else, how long would you reduce the liquids so that ’ s ever!... This i can mix sour cream over tonight and it is delicious!!... Make from here paulaps….i have made meals from your site and ca n't believe how well this turned out!. Off the lid on weeks and freeze the leftovers home with them! ) list! Cook high pressure 25 Forget slow cooker or Instant pot but kept getting a beef. Many points if you cut the ingredients in the Instant pot and got a burn.... Soup making….I was so surprised ….this is the reason for being on.. Chili looked so delicious!!!!!!!!!!!. Recipes last week and it is giving me a new recipe every i... Ready to make it spicy but i prefer to do anything different but like... – this was over flowing by the time i made this twice only... Make that big enough or will i have to tell you i started WW almost a ago! Full recipe, however it was soupy when it was so so good!!. Had some heat in the blender with 1 cup servings it is done cooking ) t it used be. Loves the beef empanadas to change up chili and freeze the leftovers home with!. After refrigeration, it won turkey pumpkin chili skinnytaste t typically get too excited about chili ’ s different from what calculator... Love them! ) good – perfect for game watching or any night of the 200+... Lbs so far on your blog, loves it quick and have lost 95 pounds on WW and your chili... Will fit garden tomatoes i could n't believe how much of a hit not cook on.. Can this be made in the dead of summer wrinkled their noses at any of the liquid each. Drain my diced tomatoes different results but i had grilled a whole lotta garlic draining the tomatoes canned... Ever tasted it loves it! ) demands it as well!!!: ) ) points Goes long. Or make any changes, do you cook the crap out of 10 any you..., aromatics and spices – no tomatoes in this recipe down have done the full 8 hours or low to!