The Golf Perfecter Swing Trainer has been designed to address 95% of the aspects that makes up the golf shot. Plus, it fits into your golf bag, so you can always have it with you. The flexible and weighted shaft of the Tempo Track helps to improve your golf game in a number of areas. It is also lightweight and portable, making it great to use wherever you practice your golf swing. Prior to arrival and immediately upon ordering, I got a series of emails from Tony Clark’s(1) (The designer and owner) wife, Diane, with links on how best to use the device and welcoming me to the company. It’s made of plastic. Cameras are everywhere these days, so it makes sense that every golf enthusiast should have the best golf swing camera for on-course footage. Welcome, Golfer Geeks, to our PlaneSwing review for 2020. Hit the ball farther and straighter with more consistency and with less effort. Golfers Who Seek the Angle of 75 Degrees. Note: This thread is 1913 days old.We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. All rights Reserved I Disclaimer, Consistently better Results with Less Effort, Better Strength & Flexibility in your Golf Muscles, Welcome to Golfer Geeks. My results were not immediate, much to my disappointment….but, I didn’t give up. The Swing Plane Perfector is a tool that utilises Alignment Sticks with pinpoint precision and accuracy in a way that has not been available until now. Our number one selection for the best swing plane trainer is this golf swing plane perfector. He’ll get you squared away. Golf Swing Plane Perfector. The Swing Align is a great way to work on a few different… The Callaway SmartGrip golf swing trainer has everything you need to improve your game. If you’re looking for hitches in your backswing or the angle of the clubface at impact, though, you won’t find these items with every golf swing analyzer model. That’s what a good golf swing should have, but often times a lot of individual elements of a golf swing are overlooked. Warning/ Disclaimer: This thing will only work if you work it. A golf swing plane trainer is golf training aid that helps golfers understand and improve the swing plane of their golf swing. When the club goes too high, it causes 1) the downswing to be stopped too early, 2) the hands and arms to drag during your swing, 3) The club gets stuck in behind your body …. The golf Pro discussed the situation with his engineer student, who studied various golf swing training aids and ultimately created the Swing Plane Perfector. I think it should have taken me about 25 minutes. The Swing Plane Perfector can be used in so many different ways to aid you whilst practicing, Dan uses it all the time, check it out… The PlaneSwing comes with a detailed video (It’s called a DVD for some reason) that covers Everything from safety to setting up for your build and swing, to drills for the full swing, pitching, chipping and putting. We value your readership. Hit it longer and more consistently! Our next product for today is known as the Golf Swing Plane Perfector, which is the "perfect" way to continue our list of the best golf swing path and plane trainers. My PlaneSwing arrived within 3 days of ordering and It came in the big brown box pictured below. I recommend this swing trainers for beginners who are practicing how to practice their swing. The Perfector was born out of a chance encounter between a PGA Teaching Pro and an engineer on his first golfing lesson. The upper plane is not a good swing to use because you cannot use it in real time because it is un-natural and becomes distorted. Copyright© Golfer Geeks 2020. Also, watch and rewatch the section of the video where he demonstrates how to build your swing. You will learn your correct plane and what it feels like to swing a club on it, Excellent for strengthening the right golf muscles in the hands, arms, and core, Excellent for helping with getting in the correct posture and alignment, Service after the sale: Tony will evaluate your swing – Just send him a video, 0% Financing available through Paypal credit, Two 30-minute face-to-face lessons from 40-year teaching pro Tony Clark. Swing plane trainers help you perfect your swing by allowing you to swing with the correct swing plane. Swing Plane Perfector. Even with the apparent cheapness of this tool, it still performs great. I’ve got my power and flexibility back and don’t plan on losing them again. It has an electro-dynamic driver type, which means it has a high-fidelity driver that produces warm natural sounds. Please bookmark and return often. The Swing Plane Perfector is a tool that utilises Alignment Sticks with pinpoint precision and accuracy. The SKLZ Pure Path Swing Trainer works to help eliminate on hooks, slices, and other off-center golf shots. As an Amazon Associate this website earns from qualifying purchases. It works. Make sure that you create the plane and do not follow the stronger plane. The Perfector comes with 3 x 9.5mm diameter alignment sticks being one of the thickest on the market. One of the most common mistakes in swing is that the club goes too high and therefore the angle from the downswing up is much larger. This device is designed to be mounted on the end of any golf club and will teach you the correct swing plane or angle of the club face to the swing in as little as 15 minutes a day. Swing Plane Perfector. The compact size of the device helps golfers carry it … Despite the low cost, it offers the same great performance you’d get from more expensive models. Golf is a fun sport to play, and probably not anyone’s full-time job, even if they video tape themselves doing it. Why? However, even though it’s plastic, the material is sturdy and very durable. The best golf swing plane angle is an angle with the average being 75 degrees. The ball return system is one of a kind; it’s a quick return ball system. The Swing Plane Perfector is comprised of a solid aluminum base and three thick alignment sticks. You can use this on a tabletop, desk, or any table to improve your swing. {"@context":"http:\/\/\/","@type":"Review","@id":"#review-B00LVR4BAG","itemReviewed":{"@type":"Product","name":"Golf Swing Plane Perfector","review":{"@id":"#review-B00LVR4BAG"},"brand":"Swing Plane Perfector","sku":"B00LVR4BAG","image":"https:\/\/\/images\/I\/41zjxxZ2pdL.jpg"},"reviewRating":{"@type":"Rating","ratingValue":"9","worstRating":"1","bestRating":"10"},"author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Dan Gold"},"publisher":"Sir Golfsalot"}. I explain ALL my experiences with the PlaneSwing in this review. They have a complete selection, offer outstanding service and have exceptional knowledge of the aids, the game and the industry." Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Golf Swing Plane Perfector at The Golf Perfecter Training Aid. The PlanSwing has worked for me and lived up to my expectations, and I only expect to see greater improvement the more I use it and refine my training in it. Also, the golfer’s budget and the features of the product must be considered. THE ADVANTAGES OF A FLAT GOLF SWING PLANE VIDEO - BY PETE STYLES >> Pete Styles" PGA Teaching ProIf your now in the process of understanding if you have a flat golf swing, or consider changing to a flatter golf wing lets look at the benefits of a flat golf... – VOTED #1 GOLF SITE! People that are starting out or are learning about the single plane golf swing will need to use the stronger plane in order to get a handle on the mechanics. My driver is now a weapon again, as are my fairway woods. In a one plane golf swing, the club stays on the same plane throughout the whole swing from start to finish. Different drills will require different angles. 8080 Belvedere Road, Ste. My recommendation is to concentrate on setting up your PlaneSwing properly. The unit is light and compact and is easily carried in a student’s golf bag.” The head weighs 2.5 lbs, which should feel natural to most golfers. When I need a training aid to help their specific needs, Golf Training Aids is the first place I shop. It is a proven fact that a straight leading arm through the entire setup for a golf swing will lead to more accurate golf shots and an increase in distance. Its main features include easy to mount, built-in training guide, and designed to train the correct angle or swing plane. It’s a real bonus that it works on the indoor range as good as it does on grass. This golf training aid will work only for those who work it. Swing Perfector™, formerly known as Swing Shirt, improves your golf swing by syncing your upper arms with your body. There is a solid aluminum base that the alignment sticks attach to. Also, this is my top pick for golfers who want to train their swing without the added stress or expense of paying for lessons or a gym membership. Swing Plane Perfector is a lightweight training tool favored by many golfers because of its small size. 3. Range: $0 - $1000. Swing Plane Perfector; Filter. Four Creative Ways to Use Golf Alignment Sticks, Cheapest golf training tool on the market, Can be used by anyone from beginner to professional, No discreet carrying bag included, you have to buy one separately, Bright laser ensures accurate positioning, Faster results than with other swing plane guides, One of the most inexpensive swing trainers available, PVC feels cheap and flimsy to some consumers. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. These are dramatic changes from the week cheese I’ve been living with for the last few years. For these golfers, the Swing Plane Perfector is the ideal tool to improve their golf swings. The PVC is one of the more inexpensive materials for swing trainers. It is small, lightweight … This is the key to understanding everything about the single plane golf swing. We value your readership, First Impressions Of the PlaneSwing and the Company, I’ve regained my preferred trajectory- a high tight draw, Pay close attention to setting up to your height and build, Watch and re-watch the video instructions on how to “build your swing” and practice, Send images and/or videos to Tony (owner & golf pro)  to get help and accelerate your progress, Layout every piece and make sure you aren’t missing anything, Read the instructions again and Watch the video again, I DIDN’T FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS I GAVE YOU ABOVE, Had the connector tube the opposite way it’s supposed to be inserted. … I've had mine for a couple years or more now and I use it more than ever. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. “Best golf swing plane trainer” is not an easy term to define or use because the way to use the product will vary somewhat by golfer. Please bookmark and return often. Its price is also very competitive and affordable, well within the budget of most homeowners. The PVC material is light enough to carry in your back pocket if you’re headed to play a round. Using a system of alignment sticks, the Perfector aid golfers to measure and align their shots from varying angles. Welcome to Golfer Geeks. However, it’s not as simple as choosing any golf swing plane trainer off the shelf. There are some golfers that are able to use the upper plane and that is why it is not wrong to use the stronger plane in practice sessions. This is the single plane most golfers will use when they play golf. The Golf Swing Plane Perfector Trainer by Golfmaster is a training tool that shows you the correct plane of your golf club during the backswing. This will help you understand how to replicate your swing on the field. It’s helping my game and playing good golf beats playing bad golf any day. The alignment stick can then be set to any angle, as precisely as you want. Without doubt, the EX BV Explanar is a great training tool for beginners and advanced golfers. If you have any questions, take front and side images or videos of yourself in your trainer and send them to Tony. Here's a quick overview of my thoughts and experience: We're a golf news, analysis, and opinion platform covering pretty much all aspects of (you guessed it) golf. A good golf swing will have balance, momentum, rotation, and a load shift. Our pick: Callaway Golf 2019 SmartGrip Series Golf Training Kit. Looking for the best golf swing plane trainer? A common problem many golfers have is they don’t get enough loft on the golf ball, which impacts their distance off the tee. The SKLZ Gold Flex looks a lot like the Orange Whip, and does similar things. We're a golf news, analysis, and opinion platform covering pretty much all aspects of (you guessed it) golf. My tips on getting the most out of your PlaneSwing. "Golf Training Aids is simply THE worldwide leader in golf training aids. It allows the coach to work on a number of important issues in the golf swing with their student , covering swing plane , path and alignment and more. Special Introductory Offer worth £25.00.