Kiting melee opponents and keeping a distance should be your forte. They will have "M" beside them. Its mediocre in pve. May 8, 2020. One of the first decisions that players have to make in this sprawling new mobile MMORPG is picking a character class for their avatars. Update – Added Blade Master build, gems info. While Gunslingers have little defense, they make up for it by having arguably the highest DPS in the game, especially against PVE and Bosses. It … If you have another core build or gems recommendation, comment below. In this Dragon Raja Gunslinger build, we will guide you through the core build, gems, talents & skills of Gunslinger class. 0 comments. Dragon Raja Puppeteer Class 2021⇓ (1) Players can not choose Puppeteer class in the beginning as it’s locked just like Fighter and Reaper classes. The Assassin class is a Mage/Assasin class that will give you the … There are 4 gems – Fire/Red: INT 1 pts add HP by 120, MATK by 5, Multistrike by 2 Water/Blue: INS 1 pts add HP by 240, MATK by 2, AP by 2, CDR by 6 Wind/Green: DEX 1 … Dragon Raja – Core Build Read More » As a sin main, i picked reaper when waiting for sin to get buffed, and also to enact cold-blooded vengeance on bms. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. hide. If you click on the Profile picture on the top left hand corner, you will see the "General" Tab. View discussions in 1 other community. report. icon at the bottom right. Note: • These new classes are only available from a class transfer • You can change your class by talking to the NPC in Cassell College (NPC Class Transfer) • The Class transfer requires you to complete Main Quest Level 69, and also Gold (300K, 900K, 1.300K) Dragon raja reaper build. So let’s not waste any time and check out the build. The Dragon Raja SEA Assassin Class can be considered the most complicated player to use in the game. Dragon Raja also features some of the most intense combat gameplay on mobile, with intense real-time combat for both PvE and PvP. 20. Its worse than sd and tied with sin in 2nd place in group pvp imo. So here is the Dragon Raja Fighter Reaper Skill. Close. best. Reaper isnt as OP as some people say. 100% Upvoted. Read on for Dragon Raja Puppeteer build, core gems, and much more. Dragon Raja CDKEY Codes; So this would be all in this post on Dragon Raja Blade Master build, gems, skills & talents guide for newbies. no comments yet. The Dragon Raja SEA Gunslinger class is a pure ranged DPS class as you would expect. Dragon Raja puts players in a massively detailed and truly stunning open world. Now i play sin again most of the time. Press on it to see the stats that you should focus on. Core Build You get stats in Dragon Raja by setting up your core up with gems. share. save. However, if you use them right, they arguably bring the biggest excitement and rewards. Posted by 4 months ago. There you can see that for the Dragon Raja SEA Fighter, 2 stats are the most important. Dragon raja reaper build. (1) P.ATK (2) AP Lv. Running on Unreal Engine 4, the game’s main draw is its stunning graphics and the same full-quality 3D you’d expect from a AAA title for PC or dedicated gaming consoles. You will also see a "!" Sort by. Be the first to share what you think! Dragon Raja – Soul Dancer class A unique class which has some pretty fun features and skills, and is the healer/damage dealer of the bunch. Fire/Red: INT -1 pts add HP by 120, MATK by 5, Multistrike by 2.; Water/Blue: INS – 1 pts add HP by 240, MATK by 2, AP by 2, CDR by 6.; Wind/Green: DEX -1 pts add HP by 240, MATK by 2, Crit by 4, Multistrike by 4.; Earth/Yellow: CON -1 pts add HP by 400, PDEF by 2, MDEF by 2, Crit Res by 2.; Dragon Raja Core Building. Dragon Raja is an RPG built from the ground up for mobile systems. They have the only support healing skills in the game, and their damage kit is pretty decent, but can’t really beat the Assassin in terms of burst damage. Dragon Raja Gunslinger Core Build 2021⇓ For Gunslinger, you have to focus on its Physical attack and CRIT level. (2) To unlock the Puppeteer class in Dragon Raja, you need to reach level 90 with the class that’s available at the beginning.