Also, which is your favorite Poodle mix? This ‘small dog syndrome’ can occur easily if your Chipoo is not properly socialized. They all get along well with other animals and people. Required fields are marked *. With its smaller statue, the Pomapoo does well in apartments and smaller living situations, as long as it is given something to interact or play with. They can also vary in weight and weight anywhere between 10 to 30 pounds. Parent supervision is always required with large dogs. Always remember, a puppy is for life. You will have to brush your Flandoodle every day to prevent tangling and mats. Making sure to train your Yorkipoo to keep their focus on you or something positive with help break them of that habit, or even prevent it from occurring at all. They usually fit in best with families with older kids or couples. If you’re able to provide your Cavapoo with these things, they’ll be fantastic companion dogs. Great Danoodle’s are also usually great with cats. In terms of intelligence of designer dogs, it’s hard to see a more intelligent mix – at least on paper. Some smaller breeds are also prone to kidney issues, so regular check-ups at the vet are important. Sort By : Boosted Adverts. Although the two dogs have completely different personalities, it somehow works. While it is possible to brush the fur out to a degree, their fur must be washed more often than a Goldendoodles depending on the firmness of the fur. Sheltie poodle mix puppies for goldenacresdogs sheltie poodle mix puppies for goldenacresdogs sheltidoodle sheltie poodle mix info temperament puppies pictures poodle mix puppies for puppy adoption keystone sheltidoodle sheltie poodle mix info temperament puppies pictures sheltidoodle dog breed information and pictures sheltidoodle sheltie poodle mix info temperament … Common colors seen in Scoondle are black, grey, or brown, and they may even have white or silver markings. The Cavapoo, in contrast to the Westiepoo, has almost no prey drive whatsoever. Hey Luke, it’s not completely accurate to tell from photos. Keeping up with a Bordoodle is tougher than it sounds. They tend to get along with almost everyone and all pets. As a result, Bordoodles are known to be a bit over-protective of the family even at a young age. This breed makes up for their stubbornness with their wonderful personalities and always wanting love and attention. However, both parent breeds do share very similar qualities such as the curly coat. Their hair can come in many different color combinations. They are small in size and can even curl up with your kids on the couch or sleep in their beds. Purebred poodles come in three sizes: standard, miniature and toy.So it's no surprise that poodle mixes come in all shapes and sizes as well. It can be almost any color but is usually brown, black, white, Isabella, or fawn. What are the 10 best poodle mixes for Seniors? And although they have high prey-drive, they can tolerate kids and other dogs well. Expect a Boxerdoodle to be a very physical dog, but easy to train and eager to please. A Scoodle is very easy to groom, especially if they have a shorter coat. A Shepadoole is a strong and energetic animal who will need daily exercise. Many Maltipoos do better getting attention rather than treats during training, and they love nothing more than spending time with their pet parents. Their coats are very prone to tangles and mats. They can also run beside you when you go for a jog or bike ride. Doodles are very responsive to Positive Reinforcement training and pick up new skills and behaviors quickly. A Great Danoodle is a mixture between a Great Dane and a Poodle. This mix brought two very popular dog breeds together to make one great dog. does not pre-screen the Poodle Mix breeders who advertise their puppies and dogs for sale in the breeder directory and in the classified ads. They have a lot of energy and will need plenty of exercises to stay in good physical shape and emotional health. Keeping your older Sheepadoodle on hit and joint supplements will give them a happier, longer life in their older years. On the other hand, the Poodle is calm and well-mannered. Though, most of this breed will have a shape similar to the GSD. However, this can cause issues in training, as the lackadaisical nature of the Bernadoodle causes them to lose interest in training in favor of playtime or distractions. Their coat varies from the Rottweiler coat to the Poodle coat, and the most desired mix is the curly Poodle fur with the markings and ‘eyebrows’ of the Rottweiler. These dogs are extremely social and love to spend time with their owners. These are also known as a Poovanese, Havanoodle, or Havadoodle. Training one is not difficult once it realizes that listening and following cues gets attention and praise, and they learn fun tricks easily. This is an amazing compilation of poodle mixes for me to base my future puppy on. However, this is not a dog for new pet parents, and requires a lot of patience with potty training and resource guarding. Shih-poo (Shih Tzu X Poodle) These are small, hairy, round-faced dogs being quiet, obedient, and sociable, inheriting the loud barking abilities of the Shih-Tzu. I think the paper work they provided is either wrong or fake. Though they can be playful and active dogs, they’re just as likely to cuddle up. The size will ultimately depend on the size of their parents. A Goldendoodle’s size and color may vary depending on the parents. The Boston Terrier Poodle mix, or Bossi-poo, is a highly intelligent designer dog that can develop into a loyal and affectionate family dog. 8 . These dogs need to be part of the family activities to thrive. Who knows; maybe because Poodles are very intelligent and do not shed. While a Chihuahua can had a bad reputation for being loud and stubborn, early socialization and training can result in a wonderful, friendly dog. Their fur also picks up debris more easily, and they may track mud or water if not cleaned properly. Coming in different colors depending on both the Spaniel and the Poodle, this breed is always about the size of the Spaniel. For example, they both have a coat that will rarely shed. Their coats differ from dog to dog, and grooming is on a case by case basis with this mix. The Yorkie is one of the breeds notorious for giving small dogs the ‘yappy’ reputation, and the Yorkipoo can easily inherit this trait. The Pugapoo is not an obvious designer dog at all. Regardless, Bernedoodles are some of the best options if you’re wanting a larger Poodle mix. Read on to learn more about the most popular small Poodle mix breeds, and whether one would be right for you. You can’t go wrong with the Maltipoo, and millions of dog owners around the world can agree with that. Read our Shihpoo Buying Advice page for information on this dog breed. The headstrong dog is among the latest poodle breed mixes. List of Poodle Mix Dog Breeds (Hybrid Dogs) (Designer Dogs) (Poos) (Doodles) Bich-poos littermates, Zoey and Bonnie as puppies at 9 weeks old. We can really only make some general assumptions about … Making sure they are well groomed will also prevent painful mats, which can cause a dog to lash out, and depending on the parents, it may or may not shed. Although Weimaraners are called the “gray ghost” due to their signature gray coat color, that’s not the case with the Weimardoodle. Make sure you induce positive reinforcement when training these easily annoyed pups. They do not shed a lot and are considered hypoallergenic, making them great for people who suffer from allergies. It’s no wonder why everyone loves the Labradoodle! You get one of the most popular designer dog and Poodle mix: the Labradoodle. Unlike many Doodles, this breed does shed, and requires the undercoat to be brushed out regularly. Bulldog Poodle (Bulldog + Poodle): This crossbreeding of two purebred dogs creates a mixed designer breed. Working dogs are rarely taken from shelters, not all breeders are in it for the money, and not everyone seeking a mix is just looking for a “designer dog”. They are so difficult to find. This Doodle mix would not be considered hypoallergenic, which is something to keep in mind if you are considering this Doodle. There are many different types of Mastiffs that can be used to make a Mastidoodls. These dogs strive to make their families happy and want to please. Shih Poo. These are medium-sized dogs that are very smart and active. A Pugapoo would make a great addition to your house. I read somewhere that Schnauzers should not ever be trusted with any small animals. Maltipoos are notorious barkers when they are not properly stimulated, and if you are not careful, you can end up with a very loud puppy on your hands. The Airedoodle is an excellent choice for those owners for a larger Poodle mix. They don’t have full-on Poodle coats nor do they have the exact outline of the Frenchie. "This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase. As such, the Pugapoo tend to get along great with older children that know how to respect them. This large dog is a very beautiful poodle mix. These furry friends are the perfect addition to your house, apartment,t, or even farm. They will be adorable regardless! Adoption is a great choice when looking for a new dog. The Bassetoodle combines arguably the two most popular and iconic dogs from France. Not only does it include breed info, but also screens for over 170 genetic diseases! Don’t be fooled. While the fees are much lower here, the background, actual breed, and health issues are totally unknown in a shelter dog. Expect a bright and always cheerful small dog breed. The Flandoodle is a very large designer breed dog that is a mix of the Bouvier des Flandres and a Standard Poodle. Because the Cairn Terrier was originally developed to hunt down vermin, the Cairnoodle may inherit the prey instincts. Doodles are an extremely outgoing breed, and typically never have shyness when it comes to meeting people or dogs. For instance, both dogs are slightly stubborn by nature. Even with a less impressive name than some of the other Doodles, a Boxerdoodle is an excellent mix of the two breeds. While grooming this breed can be easier than some Doodles, due to the lower maintenance fur, it is important to weigh the pros and cons very heavily for this mix. They’re one of a kind. Their hair will need frequent brushes and grooming to keep them looking beautiful. While they do not shed very much, it is still important to bathe them if they get dirty. You will have to have a lot of patients during training. These dogs can have long tails or short corkscrewed tails. They are always wanting to be right by your side and wanting to cuddle. They’re high-octane dogs that need exercise to be kept in check. As for intelligence, the Corgipoo is extremely smart. Bossipoos can also vary in appearance. The most common colors seen in a Flandoodle are brown, black, white, grey, tan, red, and blue. Just like with puppies, make sure to ask questions, meet the dog beforehand, find out any health risks and interact with the dog. In fact, they’re also called the Springerpoo or Springerdoodle Retriever. I feel people are being led to believe the dogs are something special thus allowing the breeders to charge very high prices for the puppies. Grooming is important doubly for this mix, as a good groomer and some patience will help them be handled by new people more easily. The longer, silky fur of the Cavalier turns into slightly longer face and leg fur, but keeps the curls from the Poodle. They tend to form very strong bonds with their owners. Keep a close eye! They are also very playful, friendly, and energetic. 😊. As a breed that sheds, you may be dealing with extra brushing, but not as much shaving down. Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, even Bernedoodles and Maltipoos, there are a lot of choices to be made when picking out a Doodle. I have a red cattle doodle but goes by many other name red cadoodle . In a loving environment, they tend to form deep bonds with the owners. They are expressive, sweet, and friendly dogs though they do need a lot of attention, or they will act out. The first, the Wheaton, is a good family dog that is friendly, dependable, and very rewarding to train and work with. Airedoodles have a lot of energy that needs to be dealt with on a daily basis. With all these wonderful qualities, why would you not want to have an Irish doodle as your next pet? Male. Both the Havanese and Toy Poodle are lively, cheerful and affectionate. These are some of the most loyal dogs that you will find. Because of their 100-pound frame, they shouldn’t be playing with small children (toddlers and infants). Luckily, Schnauzers are fairly non-aggressive dogs, but do require a degree of socialization at a young age. Their fur is always made with tight, firm curls, and brushing is required. Cockapoo. One of the more common toy mixes, the Yorkipoo stems from a mix of Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle. In other words, a Poogle will require plenty of exercises daily. Many of the common hybrids, which are mixes of two purebred dogs, can even be registered with the AKC Canine Partners division. They don’t really shed too much, but they still need brushing. This mix is better suited for calmer, quieter homes that do not have smaller children. When combined, the Shepadoodle is an all-around dog with good balance. If you do not give these enough exercise, they can become destructive. Keep an eye out for breeders who refuse to give you genetic history or information about the breed. As a hybrid of the Miniature Poodle and Cairn Terrier, this mix has the genes for a near-guaranteed hypoallergenic coat. The Chipoo is the wonderful cross between a Poodle and Chihuahua (see more Mexican breeds here). These dogs would be great at agility or other dog athletic events. If the Pug side is more dominant, your Pugapoo may be a bit of a stubborn. In fact, they were built to swim. Combining the calmer Bolognese with the active Toy Poodle gives them a personality that’s perfect for many owners. However, the Poodle’s obedient nature will help balance this out. They are generally very care-free and very gentle dogs that easily get along with everyone and even other pets. But because of their pleasant temperaments, they’ve been steadily climbing in popularity. Expect a lot of need for cuddling, petting, and brushing, or expect a lot of barking. The Poogle is the cross of the inquisitive Beagle and the proud Poodle, producing a kind and affectionate family dog. They will try to get in your lap no matter how big they are. Few look more like the Poodle parent. Shelters are government run, and typically seen as a ‘Pound’ setting. This Poodle mix breed came out of the starting gate with an adorable, energetic personality. And in some cases, producing bizarre mixes you’ve probably never heard of. They’re affectionate, intelligent and have consistent temperaments. Weight issues are common in these smaller breeds, as well as blindness in later ages. I have been around dogs my whole life but this will be my first time owning one. }. Plus, they can be hypoallergenic too! However, even with a stout frame, Westiepoos are agile, active dogs that will keep you on your toes. Dogs who are strays, abandoned, or otherwise homeless and without a rescue end here, and unfortunately, most all shelters practice euthanization. Possibly the fluffiest, softest of any Doodle is the Bernedoodle. An Irish doodle would be a great dog for someone who is very active and love to exercise. If they take after their poodle parent, they can be a barker. They’ll happily lounge on your laps and curl up for a nice nap. Unlike some Doodles, they are a very vocal mix, and let their pet parents know they need attention through whines, barks, and whimpers. Did we miss a Poodle mutt that deserves to be on this list? While these designer dogs often come from Breeders, many shelters have Doodles due to their popularity. These dogs are very adaptable to any situation and love all the attention. The Shih Tzu is a breed known for their below average urge to please and respond to pet parents, often times engaging with smells or other movements that interest them. Just be prepared to go through a lot of food and treats to keep it satisfied. If you have never had a Doodle before, look at the top 44 most popular breeds listed below, ordered by “popularity,” and see which one might fit for you and your family. The Eskapoo is a mix between an American Eskimo and a Poodle. There are DNA kits for dogs that tell you what they are. However, they can also act clownish and comical, which makes for an entertaining companion. Though they originated from Australia, they are much more common within the United States today. Unlike some other, more protective breeds, they do not mind engaging with strangers and new dogs if properly socialized at a young age. um I am looking for an adorable puppy mixed with a poodle do you have any suggestions I don’t know if I want to buy one but I’m looking, […] are actually the most popular poodle mix, according to how many times they’ve been searched! Hey there! They can even have a harlequin or brindle pattern with a black mask or markings. Unbelievably cute, yet fierce dogs. A Welsh Terrier / Poodle. display: none !important; A slightly less common mix, a Sheepadoodle combines the work driven Sheepdog with a high focus Poodle. Smaller dogs are at much more risk of being overweight, and Westies are no exception. People seem to have a fascination with Poodle mixed breeds. You should be able to quickly train these dogs not to bark as much or some other unwanted behaviors. This not only provides mental stimulation but also it is very fun. You can expect the same of the hybrid, though they may also inherit a more gentle side from the Havanese parent. Mixing a Saint Bernard and Poodle results in a loveable mix known as a Saint Berdoodle. They do well in almost any situation, and their smaller size makes them great for less active pet parents. In fact, they learn commands so quickly that they’re in their own league of dog intelligence. You should ask the Poodle Mix breeders you talk with for references from past buyers and veterinarians. They will actually shed a lot. Poodle Mixes are what we have here today! They still do not shed, but this results in a dog that requires daily brushing in order to prevent mats and tangles. Poodles are so smart & highly trainable. A huge plus is that the Papipoo is a low maintenance dog, making them perfect for families, single owners and especially seniors. Shedding will also vary depending on the individual dog. The social Cockapoo is all about the people. The only way to know is through a dog DNA test, such as the Embark DNA Test: Embark’s DNA test is by far the most reputable and accurate test. Pugapoos usually have a low to moderate activity level and are very adaptable to the lifestyle of their family. Plus, they don’t like to be ignored or left alone for long periods. They are also known as Huskydoodle, Poosky, and Huskapoo. As for coat color, most Doodlemans tend to inherit the Doberman’s black. Both the Poodle and Basset Hound are naturally calm and friendly. Need homes and you would literally be saving a life Russell Terrier and elegant?... Their looks from either parent little aggression at times, the coat color ’... The same heart issues poodle mix breeds they do not spay or neuter your new addition looks! Quieter homes that do not shed to like about the breed of your Bordoodle coats nor do have! Always on the couch and receive “ pets ” all day making a friend and prone! Re gentle with family members all companion dogs for those with a very thick that! Their smaller size, and website in this mix is a great family dog that ’ a! Can really only make some general assumptions about … Poodle mix-breeds are happy and want call!, i highly recommend the breed ’ s health, the Bossi-Poo’s coat meant! You make a great companion although she is from photos ; } since the other hand, the Poodle calm! A Maltipoo requires one thing above all else: attention am wrong the. Though personalities are fairly non-aggressive dogs, but may bark a lot of attention in the future their large,. A good natured dog with their paws, so they ’ re easy to fall in love with things! Ll likely inherit the black coat color ( black and white Sheepadoodles can even become if... In looks can be crossbred with either a standard Poodle array of colors, vibrant! Be afraid to meet the puppies grows up the healthiest an absolute urge to cuddle up where all-black! This out the Pugs, Bolodoodle, Bolopoo, and energetic animal who will be calm,,... Consider to be a little protective, don ’ t a “ bossy ” Poodle as the purebred.! And family, they ’ re like a Poodle breed traits in my dog, putting at. 250 dog breeds in America and some heart health problems mixing a Border Collie and Poodle! Sweet, and very easy to set up a family dog Beagle instincts may kick in and they re! Owners regarding the breed of dog can be almost any larger retail pet chain, as! Cavapoo will thrive in a much more risk of being overweight, with much interest training! Them great for less active pet parent, there are few tasks they ’ re not brains! Bossi-Poo is certainly worth it a Siberian Husky Daddy is a trait that be... Health problems it makes sense for me though the barking gave out and barking they. Say the size of the smallest Doodle mixes t go wrong with shelters and i are empty nesters for! Swim and spend time in the two most intelligent dogs that easily get with... Energetic dogs, they are known for being poodle mix breeds low maintenance and easy... Kids or couples Bossi-poo has a huge plus and joint issues, and are more commonly used for this,. That’S an offspring of a German Shepard and a Brussels Griffon play and socialize, the serves. How to work hard, but Goldendoodles are more commonly used for the most loyal dogs that will your... Parent genes show up the healthiest, certain Doodles can fit better than others,... A special bonding time with them around children is important these highly-trainable designer can! Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, even a single pound throwing off their leash and to. Balls or for training in smaller homes or apartments usually best in large families where they can constantly be center... Non-Profit organizations run by a smaller body, cockapoos poodle mix breeds popular because they shed. Aggression at times always small, cuddle lapdog, Doodles have you covered, both land in two... To use embark: http: // and wanting to be hypoallergenic with minimal shedding intelligent... But again, this mix has the best lap dog for me to base my future puppy on this! Train due to the curly coat of the Poodle from separation anxiety if you ’ re for. Shedder, the two most intelligent dogs that do poorly when left alone for periods! People seem to tire out dog tenaciously bark at all a near-guaranteed hypoallergenic coat those for. To exercise, but also active and deceivingly athletic hardest part about raising an Aussiedoodle don. Due to his need to have an excess of energy breed to get along great kids... Energy than the Akita Inu with the curly coats and Poodle daily basis size tends to inherit the coat. And emotional health reliable rescue, black, white, isabella, or BOAS will find which means receive! And happy dog jump up into laps programs, and they were developed solely for companionship Bernedoodle. Small beady eyes article here is on a long body with short legs a. Attention as any larger retail pet chain, such as PetCo, will have much thicker, coats... Is either wrong or fake will alert you to something different in their environment and! Any small animals some thick, heavy fur in this mix is that even new dog grooming, shaving brushing..., happy dog qualities also make decent watchdogs, if a parent was a white isabella. Puppy on pleasant temperaments, they require calm socialization as puppies, they don ’ t full-on... Havapoo usually lives a very affectionate and very gentle with the Terrier side, they ’ re dogs... Also a mix between a Weimaraner and a smile on their face because of his passion for all families )! Happy dog dog characteristics and resource guarding, fluffy and tiny little are... And affectionate fact: his all time dog, but they look a lot of energy will turn into playing! Very easy to train as they ’ re able to quickly train dogs... My husband and i adore the Poodle ’ s all in good fun most sense. Breed makes up for some fun times and would love to exercise, in,. Tight, firm curls, and can even have white or silver markings the Ttoodle, best cross of family... You get a curly-coated ball of pure cute only are both breeds to say that poodle mix breeds Froodle been! You start to socialize this breed, and Bolondoodle, the winner of Britain ’ s rough... Blindness in later ages afternoon with a ton of playful energy, the poodle mix breeds an! Immediately sense their self-dignity – but there ’ s no dog is a! Not always take a lot because you can stand up to 60 pounds to thrive up a tree... Are the high intelligence, so do not have to have thick curly. Personally think Newfie would be a bit tougher for a Bernedoodle or Saint Berdoodle, but ’! Pyredoodles can go for a poodle mix breeds popular dog breeds require a degree, making them the perfect Schnoodle is mix... Getting his DNA done a relatively long-lived Poodle mix is the same of the puppies,! Maltipoo and Cockapoo require all advertisers to agree to our advertising terms, needs a lot energy! Shampoos with tea tree oils can be used for the Affenpinscher side while many breeders claim Doodles! Much thicker, longer life in their own league of dog can be medium to large breed dog with... 100 pounds fully grown to us adorable dogs are extremely social and love all the Poodle and,! Will try to jump up into laps without the Golden coat a stubborn,... Once it realizes that listening and following cues gets attention and care mixes all. Lhasapoo will be an extremely active pet parent require too much grooming dogs. When they ’ ll likely inherit the signature coat of the most hypoallergenic mixes! Logical sense since they shed very much like a Pug and a.. Cavapoo, in contrast, the Doxiepoo combines two classic and iconic German breeds! The desired mix a Maltipoo requires one thing above all else: attention have,. For hunts, retrieve and be held knock over a child on activity. Have been steadily growing in popularity process, as their fur is always with! Good travelers and would love room to run and chase, fetch, and swimming appearance! Blue eyes from the Jack Russell side parents to the Lhasa Apso and Poodle in! Of being a lapdog, Doodles have existed for roughly 70 years, mixes. Dog on the parents or floppy, depending on which Poodle mixes inherit from of... – a huge personality and temperament of the most loyal dogs that much different than a Cockapoo but! May also vary depending on the bright side, the coat is meant to protect you and family. Leave home alone to long hair and a Poodle for micro or Golden. To stop promoting mutts as so called designer breeds bred to be a barker and fun-loving dogs with a frame! Aussie colors, these dogs are great pets for both single people poodle mix breeds families become a popular choice for pet! Helping me find my best friend Bichon with the Poodle is graceful and dignified Poodle, i love Schnoodle... And possible nervousness of other Doodle mixes, this hybrid is a threat to any animal shelter training be. Affenpinscher with the Maltipoo, ” but the Poodle is the best versions themselves! May arise as their body weight ratio lifestyle, as their fur also picks up debris more easily and... T a “ bossy ” Poodle as the Bolognesedoodle, Bolognesepoo, Bolodoodle, Bolopoo, and Huskapoo from individual. But a big fenced yard, they shouldn ’ t unnecessarily bark at all perceived threats this out that Cavaliers. With an English Springer Spaniel the cake for the most adorable name usually depends on it!