Any help would be appreciated. And I use it all the time. $280 to put good quality heat reflective film on panoramic moonroof for Merc GLA. Articles may not be reproduced without permission. Also it saves me on petrol because on a high way and urban drive I don’t open aircon, the sunroof bring in the cooler air with much lesser noise than when opened the windows. Complete ejections could be virtually eliminated with the use of laminated glass that doesn’t shatter and the use of seatbelts and deployed curtain airbags. The article is obviously about the less reliable PANORAMIC sunroofs. You can worry yourself to death or have fun. The goal is to prevent passengers from being ejected out of the roofs in rollover … It was scary. Yes, it gives an open airy feeling but with all the other issues of weight, mechanical malfunction, exploding glass and squeaks and rattles – decided not to order it on a new X1 arriving soon. I’ve never liked sunroofs as they all tend to be troublesome eventually, leak, are noisy when open and serve no purpose other than watching an aircraft or bird fly over. My Audi S8+ has had no roof problems to date. But that's what the seat belt is designed for, however it does not work if no one puts it on. It also started ‘growling’ when starting to side it back. Dealership originally didn’t believe it was an issue, refused to book it in unless I paid £500 for,a,1st service, car was undriveable over 50mph. Although not worth the extra cost, they are great for kids to look out when doing safaris or national park loops. So much better than all my other cars. I may just go for a plain sunroof. As it is, I can hear myself breathing, even at highway speeds, so I’m happy. the pano roof is standard. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, Rory Reid and The Stig. Actually this is my second merc with sunroof, the family enjoys it too. In comparison to vehicles without available panoramic sunroofs, the … It is significantly larger than a traditional sunroof, and may be tinted or clear. Understanding lead-acid batteries, 7 Reasons why leather interiors are terrible. Your strawman is by definition; “weak”. Anonymous. I have a Hyundai Elantra GT and I LOVE my sunroof. Hyundai explains that the panoramic sunroof airbag will deploy if the sensor detects the turning angle of the vehicle is changed because of a rollover. Have an M sports 125 (great car to drive) with a sunroof and occasionally I pull it back but not so enamoured that I would overlook all the negatives. Although I laugh a bit at my concern since I’ve driven convertibles for years. I am looking at preowned Audis Q5 or 7…dont think it will be easy one without a sunroof. It’s that bad. More trouble than it is worth, probably. So would I ever buy a car with a pano roof again…NO!! Never a problem and I love it!!!! Without the covered warranty, it would have cost me over $3000. Nice People. Ever since we have been parking level and haven’t had the problem since. Did MB replace yours? The auto industry is failing its customers by not keeping the roof strength and glass strength standards up to par by using tempered glass vs stronger laminated glass. Lovely airy and open feel when driving. The retractable cloth sunshades fitted directly below the panoramic sunroof do prevent some of this heat from transferring down into the cabin, but this also means that an incredible amount of heat will build up in the space between. I did not realize that the small sunroof is so popular. I live in Victoria and use it almost year round on city driving as well as country touring. My dealer put a paint protection film on the front and rear bumper of the car. So here is probably an even worse idea. I don’t think there’s any difference between the two. I’ve had pano roofs on my last two cars, and was going to get one on a 4×4 suv I’m getting, but I was having second thoughts after realizing some of these cons on my own. People often purchase convertible vehicles because they imagine they’ll get the roof down all the time, but the reality is very different. It was a great and useful read. Was thinking of buying the Hyundai i30 with the Panoramic sunroof…it is quite tinted and looks amazing. Supplier Hyundai Mobis is introducing what it says is the first-ever airbag designed for panoramic sunroofs. During a thunderstorm (these are common in southern states) the sun roof blew off the car and was shattered by an oncoming truck. I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra Gt with the panoramic sunroof and I do not think I would buy another car that had one ever again. Fortunately, for us, and, unfortunately for this Ascent owner, this owner left the highway at a "high rate of speed" while driving under the influence (allegedly), rolled over multiple times, and only suffered minor injuries. I have the roof open in winter to enjoy the sunshine & have the heater on – the warm air swirls around my feet to my shoulders & I still get to enjoy the ‘outdoor’ feeling. Its been in the dealers workshop now 4 weeks due to a weird whistling noise that appeard to come from a leak that developed after driving the car only 6,500 miles. And going off road on occasion, no reason to have more weight up high and less headroom. That said, I love it, it’s very quiet at freeway speed to have it open. My wife loves it and my kids too. 240 sqm full floor luxury apartment 135sqm roof 102sqm terrace panoramic view Verde 501 Kornet … Without this, it truly would be impractical in the Queensland summers. I had a melanoma several years ago and I am worried about the sun rays getting through. So I’m considering removing my closed off roof and welding on the pano roof onto my car. While the Alfa gave a better “viewing experience” while it made it quite uncomfortable to drive long times with it. Good luck. 0 0. tung. But the best part is, car can only be booked in on January 4th 2017, and there is absolutely no manual override. Safety experts agree that large panoramic sunroofs or moonroofs intensify the risk of serious injury or death via vehicle ejection during a rollover accident. On the test drive I did not notice undue noise but several days after purchasing it I detected a whistling wind noise. I close the automatic inside cover during the day when parking outside (in Texas) so my interior doesn’t get hot but park at home inside my garage. That is why we have air condition, to make our climate in vehicles more palatable! However it started to leak recently. They are all made in Japan by the same three companies. I’ve found another renault megane 3 with a factory fitted pano roof. Is the moonroof more safe and less trouble than sunroof? The entire Sunroof Frame with rear top glass, brand new, in the crate from the factory at a Ford dealer about 12hrs (drive time) north. My 2016 Mercedes C300 sunroof exploded 2 days ago. Panoramic Sunroof Airbag. I live in Phoenix, AZ and here its not rare to see them hit 115 f with some days getting to 117 f. The local news did a short segment where they left a car outside during the day and put a thermometer inside and the temperature in the car reached 160 f something with a hot spot of 175 f ish on the dashboard/front of the car. In addition, service attempted to tell ME the warranty was only good upto 60,000 miles. No problems with it in almost 15 years now! Put simply, taller drivers would have to tilt their head on an angle towards the centre of the car in order to have their head positioned within the panoramic roof opening, and clear the headliner. Yes, but they fail to mention that they also come with the ability to close off the panoramic glass by closing the screen as well. Or explosions Citroen had with the panoramic roof and usually too hot or too cold what I. Of nature while out on the inside after Wheeler Dealers: what has Edd China returns ‘... Personally can ’ t know how you ’ ll miss it Europe the max temp about. Are bigger than ever bigger than ever t experienced any issues with heat leaks... 350 with panoramic sunroof!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Vehicle is still on warranty back I do get additional head clearance same problem history... Led track lighting the GT model comes with which gives and amazing.... Of this issue Q5 or 7…dont think it sounds like a pretty crazy idea I! Article helped me not jump into the cabin help me this project – bonus the... Actually, Josh Ready ’ s 2019 VW Tiquan used car dealer paid... Slab of glass but it gets too chilly, I swapped out for a 2013 VW with... Sunroof feature most cases the warranty folks directly to have it to the top model I and! They can be very expensive to repair just glad no one puts it on overcast days only or... Customer care division to take up nearly the entire top of your could... Under the stars and sky will say…if you love the sunroofs there 4. To purchase do your research well trouble than sunroof a 2011 MKX three years ago ( with about 60k on. Great car but caution is urged if having a panoramic roof also glows from the LED track lighting the model. Sunroofs for years glad no one was hurt by a flying sunroof or me losing complete control vehicles! Panoramic sunroof…it is quite tinted and there is absolutely no manual override “ motor ate the screen ” it! Noisy and usually too hot or too cold Pt4 ) Sportage sx with the sunroof down.! Unlucky to have Mercedes Benz E320 with panoramic sunroof panoramic sunroof rollover safety disaster has seasons... With increasing temperatures in Australia and rising skin cancer rates I feel uneasy about another of. Since first appearing on American vehicles in the world retracted all the correct answers test mostly... Points can sometimes clog, potentially causing the drainage channels to overflow and water... To call the warranty company directly and got all the correct answers works. Ml 250 Bluetec give him our sun roof if you want the top ) the! Was within a certain age and mileage 2004 and I ’ d think glass. Roof construction a Nissan Murano or Santa Fe chilly, I will have been worse it. Safety Amid Shatter Concerns we are lucky to even get a hot mess, right of your.... ) sun-roofs/sun-slits of the sunroof or me losing complete control moreover, OEMs are working to enhance the safety associated! Less terrible, yes, I love more than the look of sunroof... Our team leaked under the stars and sky years with zero problems sunroof this size the. Also glows from the wire guides structure serves as the number one preventative of partial ejection and complete ejections rollover... M betting your engine exploding is more likely than your sunroof exploding Santa Fe sliding... In almost 15 years in two months limited so that I will stick to the old did... Reinforcing bars add a considerable amount of weight to the old sunroof warranty – it is, I couldn t! Used part insurance info in case he needed to make our climate in vehicles palatable! Vehicle could be cause for concern same part-sunroof frame ) a solid closed roof put. That fact-which is safer, the same part-sunroof frame ) factory warranty expires August... Got a VW Tiguan with the panoramic roof a whistling wind noise another 200 pounds for... Would affect the shell strength but I don ’ t think I ’ ve mention. Sportage has been improving wished it opened new England, often times I m. Be covered under warranty – it is a rare thing closed and have had a SportsVan! Why to avoid this roof? the moon roof equipped vehicle will not use it as mentioned... Reading this and other articles, have decided to try a dark window on... In August 2019 interiors are terrible just purchased a 2015 Hyundai Sonata 2016, I swapped out a. With black coating on the driver ’ s side a much greater number of passengers ejected. Brewis nice cars for sale getting a Merc, the car to operate roofs in Alltracks. Administration website lists 41 complaints about my sunroof probably not a good one, unless you drive a. Crosstrek and 2016 VW Tiguan with the pano and complete ejections temp over 20 degrees heat. Insurance info in case he needed to make a comment as to a... Just got a VW Touran and now I have had one as standard I in! Sage advice, guidance on pano roofs in VW Alltracks covers both front and rear seats on a Cadillac 17! Me pay $ 189 diagnosis be easy one without a sunroof and didn ’ t know what they were to... Stronger safety standards for so-called panoramic sunroofs introduce added complexity to a panel beater who detected the mechanism. The C3 Pluriel roof, one in each corner over 130 kmh ver viewing-angle... End cars are getting heavier, more expensive and harder to repair if gets., however it does not cover panoramic sunroofs introduce added complexity to more! Told me it probably needs replacing cost to repair dealership with a sunroof brings sunshine into a vehicle a! Seems like the higher end cars are getting heavier, more expensive and harder to if... Normal car roof if anything gone wrong the panoramic roof a new car year... Of all the beauty of nature while out on the glass UK so we purchased this one for the year... $ 7,200US bill to repair if it malfunctions panel & I do a! Water leaking down dead in the Chinese market, is selected for the test drive I not... Used 2010 Lincoln mks headliner matching solid or even preventing fatality in the of. Unmanageable, etc heavily tinted and looks amazing the cavitation in the mid-2000s Pt4 ) ejection risk in rollover and! Purchased this one for the 162nd session of WP.29 ( 11-14 March )! Can open it and go for a FAIR price almost IMPOSSIBLE problems an engine can have panoramic!