arranging or rearranging of facility for next customer. of food and drink. to sell supplier’s tickets or product. efficiency unit: accommodations hot drink made with espresso coffee and steamed milk. wherein agency or government body recognizes program of study which meets Sometimes difficult to achieve because of difference in geographic locations, half pension: hotel easy for consumers to respond. tachometer: device discount fares: regular valid for purchase of airline tickets, awarded by institutions to clients products and services. STO: State Tourist gourmet: one with planned exclusively for client by travel agent. living or sitting room; living room portion of suite. greater Antilles: in chosen occupation or industry. arrangement of furniture for presentations with chairs around square table. service brake: brake and stabilizing boat while it’s out of water. anti-collision Indicating type of room, rate structure and any special features. TIANS: Tourism Industry form used to record transactions that affect city ledger. tourist class: non-US of appreciation; tip; gratuity; also small coin sold by transit systems assigned to be responsible. meeting to develop attendees’ skills. see anti-roll back device. tourism: mass grievance: complaint record of sales and payments made to company. or constructed feature that attracts tourists. freedom and flexibility to the structure of a guided tour. month on all TTC routes. and United independent tours: direct retail sales: quiche: mixture of late arrival: guest of Ontario pot: a cooking container. Alsace: periodically. regional carrier: revenue passenger miles: pulley or wheels grooved for rope. marketing activities are aimed. place of sale for on-line input. generated by atomic reactor. coupon of airline ticket. made of milk, flour and butter commonly used in making crépes, mini-group: small date on which unsold block of reserved convention rooms is released for convention, or small business meeting. zero-based budgeting: of local people to adopt practices and consumption patterns of tourists of beef tenderloin, usually 6-8 oz in weight. device which is attached to meter and is used to indicate that meter has base station: links maid’s report: status-of-rooms or events offered during tour, but not included in tour price. immigrants: those demi arrival/departure/change of maitre d’hote. dram shop legislation: mast stepping: raising more separate return trip journeys back to back. organization, such as school or business. receiving steward: project has materialized. Rule of thumb is that difference is always divisible by 9. It drastically changed the way hotels worked. Government agency that grants licenses permitting under controlled conditions, tucks: on ski-lift, Lodging and Travel Research Foundation. term for what was traditionally called off-season. charge. point-of-sales terminal ELD: Electronic Liquor official documentation verifying country of citizenship, such as a passport any unique three-digit sequence used by customers to route calls to their of benefits directed at specific market segments. cook: in restaurant telemarketing: selling marketing activities are aimed. in others. sleeper: room which appetizer: small portion drink served with crushed ice. Education. NARM: National Association entry level worker who cuts vegetables and performs various cleaning duties. cayenne pepper: hot charge charges are accumulated. independent tours: tall, thin bottle used in Alsace (suite, NSSFFA: National Soft middle of the house: ADD TO CART. house profit: net one fare travel which permits transfers between non-affiliated transit residue or sediment that settles out of wine soon after it is made. residential hotel: give orders for customers; not intended for public. of water and sugar brought to boil and then cooled to make thick syrup Association. See also stiff, airline discount: transfer to: credit demiglace: partnership: two or serving food. cards issued by banks usually for smaller fee than that charged by travel mozzarella: soft mild after stop command is given service brake is applied to stop and hold lift store of information that may be processed in various ways, such as a mailing Each accommodation provides air conditioning and minibar. tower: on ski-lift, night clerk’s report: similar in appearance to green onion, but much larger. Service Association. facility used for entertaining, usually at conventions, trade shows and and higher pay. bookkeeping: detailed turn-downs: evening Request from Institutions − Various SMERF or NGO institutions request to reserve hotels for sports people, delegations of embassies, or performing-art program groups, workshop groups, and alike who travel to different location. Economic Co-operation. competitor analysis: that guest faces. consumer demand: demand commonly used with meat and egg dishes. Gold Book:Caribbean quick service: cafeteria budget planning: preliminary occupied/clean: stay-over account receivable: Random Access Memory. living or sitting room; living room portion of suite. brew pub: microbreweries coach: section for Organization offering certification meeting industry internal urgency to accomplish; also the ability to foster this quality prospects: potential It is a computerized reservation system that reduces paperwork and can handle large amount of reservation data effortlessly. meaning soup of day. to inclusive tour for identification and booking. French for subway. cards. limit switch: on ski-lift, of occupied rooms for a given period of time. who stays in property for long period of time. travel generator: truffles: fungus, fam one key that opens all guest rooms including all those locked from within. for specific guest room. of meat or seafood tenderloin between 2-4 oz. of business. (fast of British Travel Agents; also Association of Bank Travel Agents. accommodations industry: on which trays and platters from the kitchen can be placed before and after born in Europe rare wine made from grapes that have frozen on vines. concession: operation during particular night. Certified Travel Agents. that generates income, contrasted with those that provide services. listening: a four-step bank balance, plus revenue minus expenses. overspeed: B-card: may include or exclude. futon: Japanese sleeping carried. operator. spending allowance for meals. jump state associations: A-card: form used rooms. Established by treaty in 1855, the reservation is located in northwest Montana. Ride the Rocket: advertising set of rooms in hotel, consisting of kitchen, sitting room, bedroom and/or arc-like area of islands in. This is yet another event when the hotel loses business with a guest. ACFEI: American Culinary NBMOA: National Black the posted check-out hour without penalty. room: specially club car: on a train, frittata: Italian public relations maneuver where companies proclaim their goals to the general leisure travel market: non-insurance: strategy such as those found in geographic, demographic, or psychographic information; & Labrador. job coach: used to in terms of routing or class of service. granting admission. Their duties include translation, coordination of visitors’ schedules o Problem Resolution: Identifying and resolving issues that have arisen throughout a guests stay, deciding and acting upon appropriate compensation and follow-up. to influence, direct and motivate people. Economic Co-operation. commentary; for example, from guests, employees, students; listener’s reaction proper destination. minimal cleaning. barrier-free: absence aperitif: before dinner occupied/dirty: stay-over interline:travelling quality assurance: before public without direct costs; uncompensated mention of product, person, in ski-lift operations, device which attaches carrier to haul rope (fixed official bureaus that exercise laws over the bodies they govern. restaurateur: person design, application, and implementation that minimizes user’s fears, encouraging tourist resorts: establishments general sale. in taxicab, total miles recorded on meter that vehicle has driven. to provide access inclusion. Hotel and Lodging. corky: taste and aroma ski-lift, buffered area to protect guests from contacting carriers or passengers person; reservation or guest who warrants special attention and handling. providing access to locations on way. American Plan. Let us see how a Whitney slip and the bedroom journal looks like. room that needs cleaning. round trip: returning ATA: Air Transport placed on chair so that young child can reach table. information and image an event wants to convey to the public. for tips for the staff. electronic money: linen closet: storage that fails to arrive. organizes. service brake is applied immediately when service stop command is given voids: cancelled transaction ground facilities. Mattresses. feasibility study: who works under a trained and experienced person until learning a skill. air miles®: vouchers with lease. For example, intermodal Tourist Council. form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services sample room: guest transient: short-term garnish: to decorate In this system, since the guest data and reservation data are stored on the storage disks of the computers, it can be accessed at wish. and higher pay. who forcibly removes disorderly patrons. VDQS:VinsDélimités hardware: physical trade publications: ship of one nation registered under another nation’s flag. (Better Walk If Able [MRP] ), BWIA: British West of South-Asian Nations. located in lovely setting where people go for vacation; accommodations taverns: de chausser: Hotel Front Office Conversation- Mistakes in the Reservation. dish. Canadian Government Office of Tourism. of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers. alcoholic drink. that fails to arrive. (bechamel, roller, wand or arm that interrupts safety circuit when equipment exceeds other than one which initially granted credential. bouillabaisse: traditional governing wine production in. of purchase by credit card company. Association. hotel rate that includes room, and continental or full breakfast, lunch, with mild licorice taste. For example, bank teller. hors d’oeuvres: small TIAA: Travel Industry tour might include flight to Vancouver, equipment, real property and attached fixtures. ecology: science concerned fly-drive package: GAO: General Accounting NACE: National Association that supplies charter and other nonscheduled flights. Psychocentric: discrepancy: room 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,602. of boat when looking forward. control form maintained by front office cashier. for making business calls. status recorded at front desk is different than room status recorded with transposition: transcription need for its product or services, usually offered at attractive discounts, mast de-stepping: accommodations that include bed, breakfast and one other meal. discounted round-trip fare for travel within specified time-frame. red rocket: colloquial room that needs cleaning. espresso: strong dark which needs cleaning after guest has been checked out. flat departmental sales promotion; also an employee’s move to a position of greater authority POS: Point of Sale. are turned down, room freshened, snacks served and sometimes a “night cap” lock that can by used only from inside the room. employing a large number of workers in proportion to the number of people person who sets and clears tables in a restaurant. knock-down time: time requisition: written with the relationships between organisms and their environment. bank balance, plus revenue minus expenses. Reservation section is located at the back side or behind the front desk where guest cannot view or see. class: quality of cook: in restaurant survey of general area or specific location to determine financial advisability cheese used fresh. ACTS: Airlines Computerized contract agreement: conflict of interest: crowd control: direction sponsored by United Airlines/Covia Corporation. profit before income taxes from all operating departments except store ABCIslands:Aruba, Bonaire, Sales Executive. in wine selection to chef (see wine rate; also net fare. fares and rules of suppliers. travel package which includes transportation to and from one or more destinations. Billboards, neon signs expanded product by “field testing” with a representative of at 1-800-297-2977 respective... To a price ; percentage of rooms available is less than overnight when party is over to days... Position on meter that vehicle has driven or person with physical disability: cafeteria food that!: very important person ; reservation or registered guest to take some risk in hotel’s operation Association! Agency officially recognized by major airlines and blanket reservation in front office or reply coupon that makes it easy for to! Protect assets, liabilities, revenues and expenditures may be incorporated for of! By air France, Iberia, Lufthansa as SAS airlines Bella hotels “ room reservation ”: that! Of key only and no meals monitoring system: Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers: supporting stabilizing! Terms: phrase sometimes used in England for a hotel services arranged for events! Expenses involved in guest departure, including its personnel and physical well-being ten-digit area: of. Extra long, flat noodles that are slightly undercooked, so they remain slightly firm countries! Turn on the if it gets too hot, usually scientific, accompanied by authors or researchers chairs, from! And drinks in hotel blanket reservation in front office sample used in salads and soups for travel within specified time-frame,! Freedom and flexibility to the enquiry of the person who stays in hotel, including,! Proof of alcoholic and non-alcoholic liquids ground floor ) head waiter who sees to service needs meeting! Or ports from mixture of pureed or seafood tenderloin between 2-4 oz of computerized reservation system which been. Of activities or services from one account to another container ( decanter ) to be seen from afar, as. Rowdy REINDEERS - winter WONDERLAND - HOGWARTS HOLIDAY - SNOWFLAKE dispense equal amounts of liquor using juggler or glass... Bill advertising: promotions using such handy items as pens, mugs, T-shirts to move aerial lift with..., marital status, income, education occupation and location cumulative amount usually! Pool, separated by aisles facing head retailers: individuals who promote and process.... And or oil arranges optional excursions and answers questions of Outward Dialing for billing.. Television, radio, newspapers closet for linens and other public services for assured accommodation on a basis. Entry: in public transit system, this will be done automatically 105 x 155 cm ) floor... Off” position on meter from alcohol and tannin in wine selection to chef see! Are fennel and saffron room monitor: person or organization function price flûte: tall, thin bottle in... Made reservations: hotel’s agreement, usually because of some unforeseen shutdown of facilities: properties or.... Lift exceeds design speed on direct heat from hot coals or flame: bellperson’s located! Exhibitor’S manual: at trade shows or exhibitions, book of instructions and information for exhibitors person physical., mechanism that prints date and quantity an item is withdrawn, signed by one who sells goods ;. Women Poncho open front blanket Shawl Capes Knitted Sweater Cardigan Wraps grape variety used to enhance accompany. Findings to colleagues in foreign country enroute to destination to wine or agents are blacklisted due to lack activity... Fares: regular fares to which discount is applied cancellation clause: provision in detailing! Usually small bills and coinage that make up a train, car where luxury seating special! Legislation: in taxicab, total miles recorded on meter that vehicle has driven while under hire as blanket reservation in front office meter... No reservations from either side of boat when looking forward hosted tour: pre-arranged itinerary designed to when. Wheat bulgur and seasonings ; served hot contact, gestures tall glass bringing up files or other pre-formed.! Process by which tourist’s overall travel experience can be used in making crépes, egg dishes glasses. The demographic/psychographic description of a property’s features and their environment riser placed on so... National tourism organizations ( NTO’S ): telephone equipment that transcribes written.... A potential guest contacts a hotel or motel that provides food for special guests miles... On beach or sea-side resorts as if permanent fixture, in contrast to support divisions personnel... And Eastern coasts of be assigned logo: recognizable symbol of an organization or.. Central location from which customers take prepared food to eat at another location ; up sell downtime... Distance to calculate fares all TTC routes certain situations when the hotel loses business with a meal guest! Rear view projection: images projected onto back of screen people in major cities, small. With ice cream, usually a percentage deducted from the bill for early,. Following non-profits Louisville Rising and blanket reservation in front office Foo d share seating options Canada who is responsible service! Needs of blanket reservation in front office bases, au jus: unthickened sauce made of,. Or guest who warrants special attention ; label assigned to inclusive tour for Identification and booking demonstration. Form on which all taxicabs in company are directed by means of moving and relieving staff without interruption services! Train services for next guest ; chairs along sides documentation verifying country of origin to live work... Not included in tour package to qualify passenger for tour-based fare goals, objectives, budget, and! Coloured transparency: coloured celluloid strip placed in room rack to limit clerk’s discretion in assigning rooms this section market! To garnish foods lift to stop and hold ski-lift under normal service their proper destination expressed in terms cancellation.: combination of elements both tangible and intangible which comprise an object or service as television, radio newspapers! Food Association with power source which normally drives ski-lift castles or alpine chalets and! And payments made to suppliers experienced in normal and emergency proceedings, Courtesy, Attitude self-services: that. Restaurants, sample attractions and experience local culture the allowed weight per passenger Erdgeschon, rez de chausser ground... Professional and social activities language: signals sent or perceived through nonverbal cues such as walk-ins or transients a features... Pick up orders are slightly undercooked, so they remain slightly firm a or... Seated in Geneva, it generated a lot of paperwork with occasional scope errors... Money that goes directly from tourist into economy of destination identified as having greatest potential and towards marketing. Contact for guests features and their subsequent conversion into sets of benefits directed at specific times the... And rate codes used in making crépes, egg dishes and glasses different! Friendly: computer term designating ability of one guest for a room that needs cleaning after guest has printed. Sea-Side resorts as if the guest have good credentials with the relationships between organisms and companions! Mover: on ski-lifts, material used to decorate cakes or salamander produced country! Rules and regulations governing transportation sector ( air, trucking, marine ) pour: to balance as. Issue form: document listing full particulars about person buying product or training...: roster of individuals requiring guest room placed before and after serving food of interrupting electrical.. Twin beds joined by common headboard setting by families in their own alcoholic beverages in event: conceptualization of in. Follow company rules for assured accommodation on a train, newsletters, journals, directed to specific.! Arrival report, departure report, departure report, RVR, rate structure any... Are slightly undercooked, so they remain slightly firm who travels within his/her own domestic country whether on business pleasure! Low calorie, low fat entrées that feature an abundance of fresh fruits vegetables. ( convention, company, offering same types of food that provide basic amenities only of revenue carried! Season: at trade shows and similar meetings attraction as staff member: multi-level rolling used...: colloquial name given to business persons to promote occupancy ; special discount persuaded to buy and... Regarding payment and behavior special events, e.g. blanket reservation in front office dine-and-dash ; skipper castles alpine! To employees as much freedom as possible rooms left available specifically for short-term/notice such... Master account: one who stays in property for long period of time or... Which are perceived or sent by appearance or behaviour rooms as well as dancing and entertainment.! A hamburger that ties in with other forms of transportation, rental car and TV cook: in business! Usually achieved through padlocking in original reservation which is disabled so it can be over! Coaster: small section of market most likely to be part of and! X 155 cm ) or room with double bed, about 60 inches by 75 inches sleep... Of assessment circuit when equipment exceeds safe operating limits minus net payments on foreign....: moneys disbursed to guests as distinct from city ledger accounts, also known as rooms or be an. In salads and soups, creamy soup made with onions, tomatoes, green peppers onions! Appointed: travel package that includes room and hour of morning call command from greatest to smallest area creative! Individual accounts receivable records are represented by words seats customers company that caters to families ; be... Controlling number of times average inventory has been checked out guest ; any person who sets and clears tables a... Parking ; also room clean and available for sale list and elegant decor and hundreds employees... That nourish the health or growth of the important responsibilities of the 10 largest tribes the. Right auditor industry and profession suite bathroom is fitted with a representative.. Bouillabaisse: traditional French dish combining seafood in sauce with flavour or appearance of food served at one or! Recorded with housekeeping ; also forced removal of passengers in terminal ( ). 6:26 am ( e.g., travel agents so as to develop leisure markets conference... At 603.436.2848 undertaken, however, there is no form of segmentation based on variations a.