Although his intentions might not have been as significant as his impact, he was very influential. Marco Polo PowerPoint 1. Así, podrás entrar sin problema en los garajes, aparcamientos, garajes subterráneos y túneles de lavado habituales. Marco Polo’s Early Life• Born in Croatia or Venice• Born 1254• His dad went on journey• When 13 years old mother died• Raised by Uncle and Aunt• Well educated• 1269 father came back met Marco first time• 1271 Marco went off to journey aged 17 Marco Polo (Venecia, actual Italia, 1254 - id., 1324) Explorador y mercader veneciano. Writing by a fellow prisoner a story about Marco' 1299 Marco Polo leaves prison; 1300 Marco gets married. Report. Border Information: if joining in Xi'an, you will most likely enter China at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport (IATA code: XIY). Occupation: Explorer and Traveler Born: Venice, Italy in 1254 Died: January 8, 1324 Venice, Italy Best known for: European traveler to China and the Far East Biography: Marco Polo was a merchant and explorer who traveled throughout the Far East and China for much of his life. The concept was rejected four times between 2007 and 2015 for … 1298 Marco prisoner of war. Marco Polo Explorer. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. His mother died after giving birth to him, therefore his aunt and uncle raised him for most of his life. 1. In a world replete with greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry, "Marco Polo" is based on the famed explorer's adventures in Kublai Khan's court in 13th century Mongolia. Marco Polo: Explorer Go to a printable version of this page Marco Polo (1254-1324) was an Italian voyager and merchant who was one of the first Europeans to travel across Asia through China, visiting the Kublai Khan in Beijing. arco Polo died in 1324, the year before Ibn Battuta set off, at age 21, from his native Tangier. Marco Polo's father was a Venice merchant who had trading buiness in China so at the age of 17 when his father and uncle returned to China he went with them. He was an Italian trader and explorer.He was one of the first Europeans to explore Central Asia and East Asia.Many other explorers, including Christopher Columbus, looked up to him.He could speak four languages. Playing next. 255 likes. His life was full of so many adventures but here are the top 10 facts about Marco Polo that you should know. Marco Polo was an Italian merchant, explorer, and writer who travelled through Asia along the Silk Road between 1271 and 1295. Created by John Fusco. Those relationships, in part, most likely sparked Marco Polo's own desire to explore the Far East. Download Books The Amazing Story of Marco Polo for Children! He was an ordinary boy during his childhood, living a similar life to the other boys his age. Marco Polo was born in 1254 and died on January 8,1324. MARCO POLO, funded under the Erasmus+ Programme, addressed the need of 3 South-East Asian countries – #Thailand, #Malaysia and #Vietnam – to foster interregional and international cooperation of Higher Education Institutions […] Illustration of shows various mythical beasts thought to have been seen by explorer Marco Polo during his travels in the Orient, 13th century. : The Courageous Medieval Explorer. Browse more videos. Marco Polo was known for the book, Travels of Marco Polo, where he talked about Asia. The Travels of Marco Polo, dictated by him, described Chinese politics, economy, and culture in detail, which greatly aroused the desire of westerner to go to China and had a great effect on the European navigation. Marco Polo traveled along the famed trading route to China called the Silk Road, and went on to explore and document many parts of Asia not well known to Europeans. Tipo Barco de carga; Bandera Bahamas; MMSI 311000923; IMO 9454436; Señal de Llamada C6EK8; Tamaño 396x54 m; Gráfico de velocidad Para utilizar esta función, por favor, inicia la sesión o regístrate. Con el Marco Polo, dominarás la conducción diaria: es tan ágil que apenas notarás el equipamiento de acampada. Sus escritos sobre China y el Imperio mongol en "Los viajes de Marco Polo" tuvieron un impacto significativo sobre las creencias y el comportamiento europeos hacia Oriente e inspiró los viajes de Christopher Colón. Navega por nuestra colección Marco Polo Explorer y descarga gráficos para uso … Marco Polo (c. 1254 –8 de enero de 1324) fue un comerciante y explorador veneciano que siguió los pasos de su padre y su tío. Venice at war with Genoa. Marco Polo Explorers, Henderson, Nevada. Marco Polo was Croatian Traveler and Explorer. Although the exact place and time is unknown, he was born in 1254 and later died in 1324. Marco Polo was born in 1254 in Venice to a family of wealthy merchants. People are a fascism world of the east. marco polo portrait engraving, 1254-1324 - marco polo explorer stock illustrations Using a compass, miniature from Livre des merveilles du monde by Marco Polo and Rustichello, France 15th Century. Marco Polo was a proposed space mission concept studied between 2005 and 2015 that would return a sample of material to Earth from the surface of a Near Earth asteroid (NEA) for detailed study in laboratories. 1307 Marco becomes famous. Descarga archivos PSD, gráficos y vectores sobre Marco Polo Explorer de forma gratuita. Marco Polo, a merchant, and still a simple man, was this source of inspiration. Marco Polo was an Italian merchant and explorer, famous for introducing Europeans to China and Central Asia.He inspired future travelers, including Christopher Columbus.Born presumably in the Republic of Venice around 1254, Marco Polo played an important role in cartography. He has three daughters. Early Life . 0:05. Marco Polo Explorers Su padre, Nicolás Polo, y su tío Mateo Polo, miembros de una ilustre familia de mercaderes de la próspera República Veneciana, ambicionaban comerciar con el pueblo tártaro de Oriente; ambos hermanos emprendieron conjuntamente una expedición hacia Oriente en el año 1255. Gráfico de calado Marco Polo By Seid 2. TWO EXPLORERS: THE STORIES OF MARCO POLO AND ROALD AMUNSDEN (3 ES O) de VV.AA.. ENVÍO GRATIS en 1 día desde 19€. Welcome to the amazing city of Xi'an, the ancient capital of Shaanxi province and the end of the 'Silk Road'! His father Niccolo and uncle Maffeo were Venetian merchants who traded on the Silk Road; little Marco's father left for Asia before the child was born, and would return when the boy was a … Marco Polo was probably born in Venice, although there is no proof of his place of birth, around 1254 CE. Click on the world map to view an example of the explorer’s voyage. With Lorenzo Richelmy, Benedict Wong, Joan Chen, Remy Hii. Marco Polo (Junior World Explorers) 1295 Marco Polo returned to Venice after a mission to transport Kublai Khan's daughter to Persia. Marco Polo (1254-1324 CE) was a Venetian merchant and explorer who travelled to China and served the Mongol ruler Kublai Khan (l. 1214-1294 CE) between c. 1275 and 1292 CE. Libro nuevo o segunda mano, sinopsis, resumen y opiniones. Marco Polo would grow up to follow in his father’s and uncle’s footsteps and become a trader, traveler, adventurer and storyteller. Korcula takes big pride in being a birthplace of this worldly renowned traveler and to this day a surname Polo (another variant is De Polo) is present in Korčula. born on the island of Korcula in 1254. Marco Polo 2014 TV-MA 2 Seasons TV Dramas Set in a world of greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry, “Marco Polo” is based on the famed explorer’s adventures in Kublai Khan’s court. Marco Polo was not … Though they never met, Ibn Battuta almost certainly encountered people in his Indian Ocean travels who had seen Marco Polo and his entourage, for in 1292 Marco Polo sailed through the China Sea, the Malacca Strait and the Indian Ocean on his way home to Venice.

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