Save time by using Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on the tags below to find other quizzes on the same subject. Damn 47/48 because I mixed up Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan!! You download A svg map or you can copy the quiz. Try our fun, colorful new cartoon quiz on the countries of Asia! Asia Map Quiz. Use it as a quiz to test your (or your children's) knowledge of the world. The massive northwestern peninsula of Eurasia is better known as the continent of Europe. Level 24. Note: The capital of Israel is currently in dispute. That's sort of like saying... as an American, I don't consider Pennsylvania to be a US state.. There is a clock timing your results, so you can race yourself if you like. Asia has an extremely varied geography, from mountains to plains to plateaus. And I think the person you are referring to is Quizmaster. Wish clicking could magnify the map like in other quizzes. I agree. Monsoon Asia Poltical Countries. Probably you did Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, or Kuwait. Most go by the Ural division. Territorial disputes exist between India and three other Asian countries. Therefore even though mountain ranges and such are used to draw a line, I do not think people will ever all agree on where the boundaries actually lie. Keep scrolling down for answers and more stats ... Looks like QM got tired of people complaining about the dividing line between Middle East and East Asia... :). Couldn't finish all of it in time I'm on phone. I'll let him tell it as I don't want to take credit for it...but it's good. Level 18. You forgot Russia (the largest country of the world) which is in Asia and in Europe as are Turkey, Egypt and some say Cyprus, too! You can find many versions of this quiz. At least QM is consistent for this site. Quiz by Quizmaster. Choose from 500 different sets of asia map flashcards on Quizlet. Seterra is an entertaining and educational geography game that lets you explore the world and learn about its countries, capitals, flags, oceans, lakes and more! 100%. As a european I do not consider them an european country.. This has the effect of making Bahrain, Qatar, Brunei, Singapore, and East Timor slightly more visible on the map. Fill in the map of Asia by correctly guessing each highlighted country. 154,663: Asian Countries by Borders in 30 Seconds. There's no rule saying the same country can't be in more than one quiz! 128,478: Flags of Asia Quiz. It is also culturally more European. Countries of the World 5,595; Provinces of Vietnam 22; Asian Countries Ending With a Vowel 17; Asia Population Quest 17; Asia Map by Largest Non-Capital City 15; Asia by Five Letters 15; Build a Mosaic of Japan 10; Top 20 Cities of Turkey on a Map 8; 20 Country Snapshot VII 7; Provinces of Pakistan 6 The Middle East and North Africa: Countries, View all games about North and Central America >>, UK: Northern Ireland: District Council Areas, Oceania: Flags of Countries and Territories, The Nine Game Modes on the Seterra Website. Gongk18. Learn more about the island in East Asia. Once your on Create Quiz Press on SVG Map and then press on Upload next press choose a file once you find it and then the SVG Map is there on your quiz. If there is less time given, then those quiz takers who for one reason or another do not have speedy typing abilities are not able to finish before time up, even though they may know more. Honestly, I guessed on Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgistan, etc., but I guess today is my lucky day. In here, Taiwan is a country, and will always be. Sapphire512. Top Quizzes Today in Geography. Nice quiz! I understand having the style of putting the answers in like this for smaller quizzes, but when it is with a big continent like Asia, it becomes really annoying and time-consuming to find a country in the alphabetical order thingy on the side. Dear pie31415926535, welcome to the world of Jetpunk! Our online asia trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top asia quizzes. It's way easier to just type it out. About this Quiz. Since the map is visual and spatial, it helps reinforce knowledge of the location and size of the countries in Asia. $60. So what? CountryDjibouti +1. Russia is debatable as it's usually put with Europe and Palestine is not considered a country by some definitions. Unique online map games for Asia - hear the names of countries and capitals pronounced. I don't think the site could process that quickly enough. the luckiest of all blind chimpanzee's without arms seems to be you. Tags: Asia Quiz, Clickable Quiz, Continent Quiz, Country Quiz, map. 100 terms. Can you put all the countries of Asia on a map? Level 56. Guess any country in Asia and all the countries it borders will also be completed. This quiz has been customized from the original Asia: physical features quiz. STUDY. You might be surprised how many you don’t get right on the first try, but use this online Africa map quiz to study and you will improve. I can ace the entire dang world but never remember which one is Bahrain and which is Qatar. Create Your Own Seterra Map Quiz From Any Blank Map. donniedarko +1. Asia Map Quiz. 16 terms. There are plenty of quizzes on geography. I'm glad the official version is now Myanmar. Skyler-P. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. Can you find the countries of Asia? Therefore you are being selfish in wanting to deprive some people from enjoying the quiz. Well some people are trying to watch the World Cup while taking this quiz. Asia Map. I have 2:17 seconds to spare. The Seterra app offers two game modes, plus high score lists to keep track of your progress. Questions are about the countries in Asia Test your geography knowledge - Asia: countries quiz (type answer) | Lizard Point Quizzes Become a supporter to remove 3rd party ads Taiwan is not a country. Last updated: October 28, 2018. Saudi Arabia. The typical practice is that the ruling governments get to decide what their country is called, both its long- and short-forms (cf., the Czech Republic's very recent suggestion that its shortened name be Czechia). Random Quiz. Much less arguments. Read more about customizable geography map quizzes. Africa Map Quiz. Please fix. A comprehensive database of more than 64 asia quizzes online, test your knowledge with asia quiz questions. Get a free account and save your score, track your progress. This is a test of knowledge, you are given 48 countries to name, if you can that is good, how quickly you can type the answers does not mean that your are cleverer than those that take longer, it means you are a quicker typist. Why? Read about some of China's most interesting animals! This screen creates A TEXT INPUT QUIZ, a quiz where the user types in the answer. scores to be saved so that you can track your progress? The countries and capitals of Asia are easy and fun to learn with this map puzzle. Asia: countries quiz Click on an area on the map to answer the questions. Learn asia map with free interactive flashcards. PLAY. On the East Asia Map Quiz, and at least one other map quiz. There’s also a Seterra app that runs on iOS and Android phones and tablets! Russia may lean European politically and culturally, but geographically much of it's territory lies in Asia. I hypothesize that the author of this quiz took the ambiguity of listing the Russian Federation as either a European or Asian country in order to allow a higher order of magnification on the rest of the Asian continent. Geography251. About this Quiz. piece if cake got it 48/48 three times no fails. Asian Countries (Geography) 47 terms. Either way, it makes no sense to omit Russia when it comprises so much of the Asian continent. Many links are directed from such languages ​​as Greek - asis (river silt), Assyrian - assu (rising sun), or Akkadian - aá¹£û (entrance, country of the east). Start studying Asia map quiz. 77 terms. Plus maps of Asia and information on Asian countries, capitals, geography, history, culture, landmarks and more. It is part of the EU, and I have made the observation that all the countries in the EU are European. It's obvious that Europe is not divided geographically from Asia. Countries, Cities, Disputed Territories, Bodies of Water, and Physical Features of Southwest, South, East and Southeast Asia. As an Asian, I do not consider Russia as Asian country. eppek +1. if you know everything yes, this is good to learn for the people that cant name ( let alone spell) them all yet. Correct me if I am wrong. Asia covers about 30% of Earth's land area. I've been working on getting the last three countries down pat and finally have. Kal has a great way to remember the order of the -stan countries. Before starting the Asia Map quiz, it would be worth learning about the history of this beautiful continent. Had a friend who did it and was confused when he couldn't find 'Asia' as an answer. Nov 27, 2020. Top Quizzes Today. Map of Asia. I got Bahrain wrong because I chose Qatar. Customize quizzes to make exactly the quiz you need to … The majority of the population of Russia is in Europe (the European side of the Ural mountains), About 75% of the population is in Europe, as well as the capital. This is an online quiz called Asia Map Quiz. Get a Seterra membership on! Score: 0. Also, with the app, you can play offline! Use Abbreviations or Paths That's How You make a map quiz. On to Africa! There is also a Youtube video you can use for memorization! 51 terms. It is a EU member. I'm 11 years old and finished the test. Turkey. Using this free map quiz game, you can learn about Nigeria and 54 other African countries. Learn about the seven countries in Asia with names ending with "stan". How to play this? Nov 13, 2015. There is a printable worksheet available for download here so you can take the quiz with pen and paper.. ImFriendly +1. Countries correct: Countries incorrect: Object of the Game The object of the game is to select the correct Asian country in as few of guesses as possible. … Finished in 0.0000000000000000001 seconds and i'm a blind chimpanzee without arms. Those are not always easy to define and can change. How come you include Turkey and Cyprus but not Russia? Asia: countries quiz (type answer): create a custom quiz Creating a custom quiz allows you to customize a quiz for just the locations you are teaching or studying.

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